The Story Of Three: October 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011

Thanks Mail Carrier!

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What A Deal! was having a sale on the Tide Detergent (We use the Free & Clear kind), so I got two 50 ounces bottles for $11.97, than clipped the $2.00 off coupon that had online, along with my $5 gift card I recieved for free from a promotion a while back & last but not least, is offering free shipping today! So my final order total out the door was (Drum roll please!)- $4.97

Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Pages

Check out the new pages on the tabs above! :) We've had a busy weekend and it went by super super fast! I am so excited that I get to take the kidos trick or treating tomorrow and I can't wait to share pictures of their adorable costumes! We were not able to do Halloween last year because baby Caitlin was only three days old, so i'm looking forward to tomorrow! :) Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

More Pictures!

Yay for more pictures from Caitlin's party! :)


The kids and I went to the Open House Fire House for the city that we live in today. (October is fire prevention month). It is an annual event we attend and enjoy every year! They have free snacks (corn dogs, hot dogs, popcorn & water), several tables set up (Home Depot, car seat safety, organ donation sign up & Carter Blood Care), a Clown and Fire Trucks along with Police Cars on display! The weather was perfect today so we had a nice time! :) Christian got to draw on a tile Home Depot donated while snacking on M&M's!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Major New Changes!

Welcome To IHeart-Motherhood! I am Jessica the Owner of this blog! :) I used to manage two blogs, one for my son and a seperate one for my daughter. Well I decided finally to combine them and in doing so-I hope to blog about other topics, possibly do future giveaways and so much more! I am excited about the new name, theme, all of it! :) Things may be a little bumpy at first, but I think within the next couple of days I will have everything smoothed out! A few of the older older posts are in a weird order, I just posted them by how they were on the kidos previous blogs. Anyways, welcome, enjoy and let me know if you have any questions! I look forward to more blogging and meeting fellow bloggers!

Field Trip Friday & Caitlin's 1st Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday to my Princess Caitlin! I can not believe it has been a year already! Wow! Time flies when your having fun! :) I will hopefully have all of the birthday party pictures up by tonight and will share more! Christian's class went on a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch today! He was so excited, espically because he loves the big yellow bus and he does so well riding on it! :) We went on a hay ride and explored different size pumpkins-we had a nice time!

An Evening Out

Christian was due for a haircut, so we went to Cool Cuts 4 Kids and saw our usual and got his usual. Lol :) His stylist is great, we've been seeing her for years and she is great with special need children! So after we were both covered in Christian's hair, we dusted off and left (of course with a sucker or two!) and headed to McDonalds (His favorite!). So we arrived home with suckers and chicken nuggets and one handsome little guy! I was happy to get his hair cut before his field trip on Friday, because I plan on taking lots of pictures! :)

Caitlin's 1st Birthday Party

Caitlin's first birthday party was soo much fun! I am so thankful for everyone who came out to celebrate this milestone in her life and for all of the adorable gifts she recieved! Christian did so well-I am so proud of him! He ate Chick-Fil-A nuggets and sat with Grandma and the rest of the family at the table. He also enjoyed playing with the balloons, those are his favorite! Thanks to everyone who helped out with Christian at the party! :) We celebrated with family, friends, Chick-Fil-A food and of course cake! It was a great afternoon! More pictures will follow soon!

Shopping Deals For The Day

I made a quick stop at Kohls today, was looking for a fleece pull over for Christian and in deed I found one! So, I'm sharing my deal of the day :) The pull over was on sale and the last one in the color I wanted and size! So I purchased it and saved $9 since it was on sale. Christian is in bigger boy sizes instead of the toddler sizes, and the price difference is shocking sometimes! (Can't they stay little forever!) I was sad I did not have a Kohls coupon, but I signed up at the check out and will hopefully start recieving them soon! Kohls also has on their website, 99 cent shipping for any item! Not sure how long it will last but thats a great deal as well! :) 

I love coupons! I hardly go shopping or anywhere without a coupon for the item I intend to purchase! Sooo-that being said- I am making Caitlin's birthday cake and cupcakes and using fondant on them as well. So I gathered up a few coupons for 40% off an item at michael's and went and purchased a few boxes of fondant! I saved a little over $3 a box which is great! Thats $12 in savings! :) Of course I probably could of taken the easier route and bought a store bought-ready cake but what fun is that? :) I can't wait to show you pictures of her cake and cupcakes for Saturday's party!

State Fair

Caitlin's first visit to the state fair was a success! :) We had so much fun and she really enjoyed it! Look forward to visiting again next year!

Thanks Mail Carrier

I've talked about this blog before and I'm here to talk about it again! Thanks Mail Carrier is giving away a Balloon Time product. (Helium & Balloons). What a great giveaway and I'd love to win it for Christian's upcoming birthday party in January! :) So Thanks Mail Carrier for giving me an opportunity to win it!
So proud of my Princess! For the past month-maybe month and a half-I have been introducing cows milk to Caitlin. Starting out mixing it with formula just an ounce at a time, and just seeing how her body adjusted. (Big Brother is on lactose free milk). So Caitlin has been doing really well with the cows milk and we are on day two of no more formula and 100% cows milk! Also she has been slowly transitioning from the Avent Bottle to a Playtex Sippy Cup. She is also on day two of 100% sippy and no bottle! She is doing wonderful! So, no more bottles, or half a dozen pieces lol and no more cans of formula! (Which are not cheap and hers could only be bought at BabiesRus!) Way to go Caitlin!

I am so happy to announce we will be walking again for Autism Speaks on Saturday November 12th! The location is much closer than last time! (We walked in Abilene!) For more information on the walk and donations, please follow the link!


I weighed Christian today and he is 37.5 pounds. But he is tall, he has long legs, so if you look at him, you don't see a 37.5 pound little boy. Christian is always on the go and he loves food and like every other kid of course adores his favorites! But I need to do some research and find a "really" healthy way for him to put on some healthy weight. He has always been under the 40 pound mark and the doctor always gives me a hard time. He is just a very active kido. He is wearing the normal size for his age as far as clothes and for his safety he is still in a 5 point harness carseat.

Caitlin weighs in at 17 pounds and is 12 days away from her first birthday! :) Caitlin goes back to the doctor November 2nd for her one year check up, weigh in and of course a shot :( The doctor's have said before in previous visits that she is a little small for her age but she's still healthy :)
Lots going on, the countdown has begun! 2 weeks from today Caitlin will be big #1 and a week from tomorrow is her big party! Caitlin has had a really great week, she's like a parrot. She tries to say everything we say, its really cute. We did some shopping, visited with a few different family members during the week and had a quick visit to the duck pond today! 

Christian has had a great week! I think school is wearing him out! Lol. By 6:30pm he can barely keep his eyes open and by 7pm he is usually asleep (during the week days atleast). Some of his art work was sent home today and there is so much improvement, I can tell my little guy is growing up! I still have not heard about his fall field trip, but he is supposed to have one still as far as I know of. He only has one more swim session left after tomorrow, I am sad, we have enjoyed it very much-but I plan on registering him again next summer! Christian had picture day at school today, so hopefully he smiled really big! :)

Chuck E Cheese Visit

We took Christian to Chuck E Cheese this morning (since he had no school) and he had a blast! We always go first thing in the morning when they open at 9 and nobody else is there. Christian and Caitlin had the entire playroom to themselves and loved it! He ran all around and played with this and that, rode a few rides, loved the games with the balls where you have to throw them to get points/tickets.Caitlin loved Chuck E The Mouse! 

Shopping Deal For Christian

Have to share my shopping deals of the day! :) Old Navy had a black sweater for Christian (Will probably save for special occasion or the upcoming holidays), on clearance plus today they were having an extra 30% off, so we got the sweater for $4.
The Childrens Place was having a sale today, plus they were offering free shipping and I had a coupon code for 20% off of my entire purchase, so I bought Christian two long sleeve shirts for a total of $12. :)

Love shopping and finding great deals!
Christian has had a really great week at school, so far he is enjoying visiting the PE class and today he was enjoying a cupcake when I picked him up! :) I recieved his report card today and I was excited to see all of his new goals on there, and I'm ready to see how he does this semester with working on them and hopefully mastering them so we can adjust and add new goals, etc. I was informed today that he will have his fall field trip either the 18th or 20th of this month. I dont think it will be at the same place as last year but I'm sure Christian will still enjoy it. I plan on going with and taking little sister! :)

Will Have To Buy This Shirt!

One of the blogs I follow-Thanks Mail Carrier, blogged about a company and this really really cute shirt! I will be so purchasing this shirt! It has Christian written all over it!

Lunch Date!

Caitlin had a lunch date with her older cousin (by 3 months) at Olive Garden today! She did very well and enjoyed munching on her lunch while checking out her surroundings! The girls were so cute together and I was able to catch some cute moments as well! The weather was lovely today, a little windy but it felt so nice outside, so after we finished lunch they sat on the bench for a few quick shots! :) We always enjoy family time!

Happy October

Happy October! Fall is here and we are excited! We are welcoming fall with open arms and enjoying the cooler weather (and still praying for rain)! October will be a super busy month with lots of exciting things going on! Caitlin will be 1 years old in 27 days and her party is in 21 days! Can't wait! :)

Duck Pond Visit

It was so nice outside this morning, Caitlin and I decided to take a trip to the park! She had so much fun! She loved the ducks and the waterfall in the pond and she also enjoyed swinging! We will have to go visit the park more often, she cried when we left!

Caitlin Is 11 Months

Happy 11 months to our princess Caitlin! Within the last month you have accomplished so much and we still continue to enjoy watching you grow and change everyday! Caitlin is sooo close to walking on her own! She is saying another new word, no no, and occasionally I hear please or what sounds like please lol. She is in 12 month clothes and I'm sure she has put on a few more pounds! I bought her big girl sippy cups yesterday which she loves! Hopefully within the next week the bottles will be gone! :)

Planning A Party

Caitlin's first birthday is just around the corner and we are super super excited! I can't believe our little princess will be one! This year has just flown by! Caitlin is going to have a moo-cow birthday party. The wonderful people at Chick Fil A are helping me host it (As well as the Chick Fil A Moo Cow will make an apperance) and I will be making her a cake and cupcakes with fondant! I bought her a really cute first birthday outfit, the only thing I have not gotten on the list is the few supplies I need from Party City. I will probably do it this weekend or next week when I have time. We can't wait and we are counting down the days till its party day! :)

Thanks Mail Carrier!

Thanks Mail Carrier is one of the few new blogs I follow and ready daily! They have lots of giveaways going on, and I love The Childrens Place so I had to blog about this one! Thanks Mail Carrier is giving away an adorable hat or graphic tee from The Childrens Place! You can follow the blog here and check out more giveaways as well! :) Just thought I'd share!

Busy Wednesday

Christian had a busy morning today! We started off with having breakfast at school, they did their annual Donuts for Dad's, but I had an ARD meeting at 830 so I had to be at school anyways sooo-We enjoyed Donut's together! :) I got to watch Christian in action in his classroom, he really enjoyed playing with the pointers (see picture). He really enjoys school so much and that makes me sooo happy!

So we had Christian's ARD meeting this morning and I feel it went well! :) We discussed past goals and new goals. We are going to keep about the same handful of goals and just tweak them a little bit. Christian will also start visiting the regular PE class for 25 minutes a day with an EA to help with any sensory issues, etc. He loves the gym, but we are not sure how he will react with other children that are not from his class being in the same room. He's following directions, interacting with his peers and smiing/dancing to the music! Overall everyone was impressed with how much progress he has made and we are all very proud of Christian! We will have another ARD in December and than he has to have an evaluation in January-which we haven't done since he first started school-So more paperwork and more meetings lol.

September 26th

Christian had another great week at school, he is really enjoying it! His teacher mentioned the other day he is coloring/drawing (which he is not a big fan of) and she complimented him on how well he was doing in the classroom! :) He uses his picture schedule/binder at school and does very well with it. We are looking into a few different things for him, we are going to have a speech/sign language therapist come out once a week and teach Christian and I new sign's. We are really going to push the sign language and the picture schedule's. We are also going to create him a new picture schedule/binder for here since we took the original one to school for him to use while he is there. I also looked into information in getting Christian enrolled in soccer, however this season is full and has already started so the association starts taking applications in December for the Spring season. It's a special needs soccer program run in Arlington, I think he will enjoy it alot! He is still in swim lessons but it ends at the end of October, he will join that again next summer! :) Christian had a really good weekend, I had surgery on Friday and Great Grandma and Grandma were here visiting and helping with Christian and his little sister. Christian enjoys visiting with family and it didnt seem to bother him that his routine was thrown off by staying home all weekend! We have an ARD meeting Wednesday morning at Christian's school, so I will meet with his teachers and therapists and dicuss goals, new goals, etc. So we shall see how that goes! :)

Caitlin is growing fast! She learned to say "Ga-Ga" over the weekend, this is what she calles my mother instead of Grandma. It is so cute! Caitlin enjoyed visiting with her Great-Grandmother this weekend and her "Ga-Ga". They both helped out with Caitlin and her brother since I had surgery on Friday. Caitlin also got another tooth in, and she is trying to bite with those teeth. Of course we are teaching her that it is not ok to use her teeth that way. Caitlin loves to play with everything in the house, from the toys in Big Brother's room to my flip flops if I happen to leave them out!

She had spaghetti the other night and made a mustache-it was cute! She loves to feed herself!

Caitlin Is Almost 11 Months

Caitlin is learning and picking up on new things so fast! Every week she is exploring new boundaries and this week, well as of the other day, it was standing-on her own! She is pulling up on anything she possibly can and standing straight up. She is even getting brave and moving from one object to another, like trying to go from chair to chair or from the chair to my leg, etc. She is trying so hard to walk but just has not developed that balance quite yet! But I have a feeling in no time she will be off and running. She has been eating table food for almost a month, no jar food at all. She is doing great with her sippy cup and is slowly transitioning from formula to milk. I have started adding one to two ounces of milk to her formula at her night time bottle. She doesn't seem to mind it at all so that's good, considering Christian drinks Lactose Free milk only. Caitlin doesn't go for another check up until November 3rd, I can't wait to see how big she is than! :) She also has 4 teeth on top with another one coming in and 3 teeth on the bottom with another one coming in as well!

Shopping Deals

I have a HUGE HUGE HUGE addiction! I love to shop! Espically for my kido's! So I thought i'd share today's shopping deals :)
I got Caitlin a dress at Kid to Kid and Christian 2 long sleeve shirts and a winter pajama set and used my store credit!(Which I forgot I even had!) :) All name brands by the way! My next stop was Ross (which I don't love as much but I occasionally visit)-I got a shirt for Caitlin and an outfit that had a top w/matching leggings, both were on clearance for 99cents! Wow! Even the lady that ran the register was like thats a good deal! :)

Kids grow so fast and I'm so glad that there are stores like these that exist! I am a big fan of Ebay as well but my favorite brands for Caitlin & Christian is Carters & Old Navy!

September 10th 2011

Christian is enjoying school, he looks so big walking into school with his backpack on every day! I still can't believe he attends all day! The past couple mornings he has been acting shy when we first walk in his classroom door, than after he hangs his backpack up, he is off to explore and doesn't even notice me leave! They were able to get a touch screen computer for his classroom which he loves! (He played on it alot last year in Pre-k) He also loves Chicka Chicka Boom Boom & his classroom has a copy, it's one of his favorite favorite books! We've gone through several copies! Christian is doing well with his lunch/snacks at school, he is buying his lunch once a week and is enjoying it :) I plan on visiting his school and having lunch with him on Monday! :) 

Caitlin had her first major ouchie the other evening! She is so curious and loves to explore in this crawling-pre walking stage of hers! We were in her room playing and she was standing up using her Leapfrog Table (
& she fell down and landed on her bottom but in the process slammed her chin into the table. That caused her bottom tooth to puncture a hole in her upper gum right underneath her top lip. She cried so hard! I picked her up instantly after it happened and immediately I noticed her mouth was bleeding. But it wasnt just like dripping it was pouring out blood. I thought maybe she just bit her lip, because I couldnt see with all of the blood exactly how bad it was. I got a dish towel and applied pressure, Caitlin was still very upset and by this point I had called 911 and spoke with MedStar on what to do next.  Medstar showed up with the Fireman and checked her out, tried to take her vitals but she was still too upset. They were able to look in her mouth and see the size of the hole-it was a pretty good one too! But they stated that the doctors very rarely will stitch up the mouth because it heals so fast and that we would already notice a difference by morning. So the bleeding had come to a stop and we kept a very close eye on Caitlin all night long. Thankfully by morning, yes it looked much better. It was better to be safe than anything and that was probably the easiest call the Fireman and Medstar have had all day! Lol.

Target Shopping Trip

Target had their Luv's box of Diapers on sale for $16.99. I bought two boxes and a package of Huggies wipes. I usually buy Huggies brand Diapers but lately I've been buying what is on sale and what I have a coupon for! :) I recieved a $10 giftcard for buying two boxes, I also had a $1.00 off coupon for Luv's Diapers and a $1.50 off coupon for the Huggies Wipes. I ended up saving like $14! (So the receipt says lol) I love finding good deals for my little Caitlin!

3 Day Weekend

Christian had a nice three day weekend. He didn't have swim because of the holiday but we stayed busy with family portraits (our first professional famly pictures), visiting family, attending church and eating some good food! The weather was so wonderful we were able to enjoy some outdoor time yesterday and of course Christian loved it! He loves loves loves being outside! :)

Caitlin spent time with family most of the weekend, we did some shopping, attended church and went to a family barbeque! It's always nice to see family and get together for good food! :) We also visited Caitlin's great Grandma today, we went for lunch and Caitlin had a nice time exploring her kitchen and playing with various toys!

Christian is on his second week of school and making progress :) He is sitting on the potty for his teacher, which is fabulous! We also had a few issues last week with him not wanting his sandwhich at lunch but wanting to eat everything else I packed-well he ate his sandwhich yesterday! Christian also bought his lunch for the first time today! 

He is doing great and I'm so proud of him! We should be having an ARD meeting at school soon to discuss goals and his schedule, etc. He has a three day weekend because of Labor Day, I'm so glad too, I've missed having him home during the day!

Happy 10 Months Caitlin

She had such a fun weekend and enjoyed spending time with the family! Friday, Hubby and I took Caitlin to the Mall with us, we had lunch at Chili's and did some shopping. She did awesome, she enjoyed the stroller ride, even took a nap in it while we were there! It was a fun day! She got to swim yesterday and loved splashing around in the pool! Her new favorite place to play is in front of the kitchen that is in Big Brother's room. I see us buying her a bigger kitchen in the near future! Who knows maybe she will be a chef! lol :)

Christian had a wonderful weekend!!! He did amazing at swim lessons on Saturday morning, I'm so proud of him! On Sunday he had a playdate with his little buddy from school and that afternoon we went to Grandma's Friend's place for swimming and eating! :) Christian loves loves loves the water! I am so glad that his swim lessons got the funding they needed to stay open until the end of October! I so want an indoor pool! lol. He had a super busy day yesterday and by 7:30 was passed out in my bed!

My Friend and I took the kido's lunch today at Christian's school, it was nice to see how Christian did in the cafteria setting with all of the other children. He sat next to me and ate his pizza-well he got up a few times, had his fingers in his ears (because of the noise) and wiped his greasy hands on my clean shorts :) But other than that we had a nice lunch! I'm hoping to eat lunch with him about once a week!
Well Christian made it through the first week of school! I have talked to his teacher and once a week he will buy his lunch, they usually offer a menu item like chicken nuggets and such, so this Thursday we will try it out! Christian had alot of fun again at swim this morning, it wore both of us out! :) He won't have swim next weekend because of the Labor Day holiday weekend.

My friend shared this link on Facebook and I wanted to share it as well-
So Christian's been having pretty good days at school in his new class. Tomorrow will be the end of the first week. The only issue we are having is with lunch, he is just not interested in his sandwhich at school or he will only eat a few bites. Today he wasn't really interested in his sandwhich or his snacks. Hopefully he will get used to the new routine, etc and be comfortable with eating at school. At the moment I'm thinking of some new lunch ideas for him to try to take to school.

Caitlin Is Trying So Hard To Stand & Has Been Exploring Different Things. She's Figured Out She Can Reach For Things Higher Up, Etc If She Just Puts A Little Muscle Into It Lol.

Caitlin Almost 10 Months

Caitlin will be 10 months on Sunday and we couldn't be more proud of her and all the things she has accomplished! We love spending every day with our princess! Caitlin went in this past Wendesday for a well check up and received one shot and the nurse pricked her finger to check her iron levels. (Which thankfully turned out to be normal-which means she is getting the proper nutrients.) Caitlin is up to 17 pounds, I thought she would weigh atleast 20 by this time, but I think all the scooting/crawling and getting around is keeping her in shape lol! She did run a low grade fever that night, which she has never done before and as well was pretty crabby the next day. I have a feeling she will be walking soon, can't believe in just a short time we will be celebrating her first birthday!!

I'm sure i'm forgetting so many things, but we all enjoy watching Caitlin grow and learn every day. She is such a smart and happy baby. I just love her! She is our Princess! :)

She is exploring and becoming a big girl. Caitlin is crawling, pulling up onto furniture and getting around the house. We've tried to baby proof to the best of our ability, we just don't ever leave her alone. Theres no telling what she could find to get into! Caitlin is eating stage three jar food along with regular/solid food. Pancakes, fruit, peas, etc. We started off with the softer foods first, than went crunchy. She also has a wide variety of snacks, from yogurt bites to little crunchies(like mini cheetos with out the orange), etc. Caitlin drinks about 7 ounces of formula with every meal, we've also introduced a little water here and there-espically with this heat!

Caitlin's first word was Dada, but soon after came Mama :) She tries to say bye bye, brother and dog. Caitlin waves to everyone, she loves that she can wave and clap!
We had a really nice time at the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth. We went early in the morning and the weather wasn't bad at all, there was a slight breeze too.

Beginning Of Summer

The first few months just flew by! I couldn't believe June was already here and summer came so quickly! By this time Caitlin had two bottom teeth right next to each other, she loved to hold onto your hands and stand up. She's clapping and still so playful. We enjoy visiting family and friends, and everyone just loves to see Caitlin. She has mastered sitting and reaches for toys or objects that are not in close range. She plays with pretty much all the toys on the floor, doesn't really have a favorite. Her Lovely (Bear/Blanket) is her favorite thing overall, it goes everywhere with her! :)

Caitlin is eating stage 2 jar foods and fruit puffs-they dissolve in her mouth and come in several flavors. They make for a great and easy snack, espically if we are out and about!

Caitlin About 6 to 7 Months

Caitlin is sooo much fun! She is such a happy and playful baby! She loves everyone but favors Mommy the most! :) About 6 to 7 months is when Caitlin was sitting, some days a little more wobbly than others but overall sitting well. She enjoys playing with toys and watching Christian (big brother) run around the house. (He is always in motion).  She is staring to push up with her arms to get her tummy off the floor, but not crawling yet. We've introduced stage one baby jar foods and she loves them all! We started out just once a day and grew quickly to three times a day-what a chunk! :)

Of course Caitlin is sleeping through the night, she has flipped over to her stomach and enjoys sleeping this way. As a newborn she was trained to sleep on her back, it helps reduce the risks of SIDS. As Caitlin grew and grew, her weight in her car seat did as well, so we decided to move her up to a rear facing upright car seat. So we headed off to BabiesRus and picked out this one-

It made life so much easier in her big girl car seat! No more lugging the infant carrier around, I could just pick her up and carry out or put her in front seat of the shopping cart, etc. I also had a Baby Bjorn I enjoyed putting her in until she got too heavy!

Caitlin 4 to 5 Months

In March Caitlin went for another well check up- she goes usually about once a month, but may visit the doctor's office twice a month, since her shots are spread out. But when we visit for a shot, she just see's the nurse. At this visit Caitlin weighed in at 13 pounds, 11 ounces and was 24 1/2 inches long.

She is wonderful to watch every day as she grows. She just amazes all of us! Caitlin loves babbling and smiling to everyone, she has the cutest facial expressions! She was rolling over and holding her head up, we were slowly introducing rice/cereal but no baby jar food just yet. Caitlin still had no teeth!

Well Check Up's

At first when Caitlin was born we were seeing a pediatrician at a Cook Children's facility by the Fort Worth Zoo. It became a long drive (and 35 is no fun), we decided to switch her to one close to the house. So it took a few weeks for them to fit her in but we started seeing Kid Care Pediatrics at the beginning of Febuary. She was behind on a few shots, which is fine, I am a stay at home mom. I also wanted to create her a shot schedule and spread her shots out, they were so cooperative with me and the nurses and doctors were just so sweet and understanding!

So by the beginning of Febuary, Caitlin was up to 11 pounds, 11 ounces and 23 1/2 inches long! She was about 3 months old and drinking a 4 to 6 ounce bottle about every 4 hours. From the first night home she slept in a bassinet we had set up in our room and at about 2-3 months when she was sleeping more than 6 hours at a time, we moved her into her big girl crib in her own room!

This is where the fun begins, from sleeping most of the day and night to playing and cooing. Enjoying the swing and seeing everybody's faces. Always smiling and an all around happy, quiet baby! Playing in the bumbo was Caitlin's favorite, she could see the world from a different view!

Introducing Caitlin

Caitlin Marie arrived in our world on October 28, 2010 at 10:40am, she weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces (3 ounces bigger than Christian) and was 19 inches long! Caitlin was so beautiful and so tiny! We were very pleased with Baylor hospital and our stay there as well :) Caitlin was born on a Thursday and by Friday afternoon we were aloud to go home. We were all very excited and eager to get home and relax with brother. Grandma Sandra helped out alot with Christian while we were in the hospital.

That following Monday, we had to take Caitlin back to Baylor hospital for her newborn screening and checkup. They took some blood and she was a very unhappy baby!

August 23rd 2011

Christian had a wonderful day at school yesterday! I was so thrilled to hear his new teacher tell me about his day! I am so proud of my big guy! He was excited to return to school again this morning, so this is one happy mommy! :)

1st Day Of Kindergarten

Christian started kindergarten today! I can not believe it! My baby boy is getting so big on me so fast! He doesn't get out until 3:25, so hopefully he had a wonderful first day!

Meet The Teacher Night

Meet the teacher night went very well! Christian & I were able to check out his new classroom and chat with his new teacher for a few minutes! We dropped off all of his school supplies and let him explore the classroom a little bit! I am still nervous about the new school year and him attending all day, (it will be a big adjustment for everyone) but I think he will do well! :) On the way out, we stopped and said hi to his teacher from last year-they are right next door to each other! Yay!

So Proud

I must brag about Christian for just a minute! I am so proud of him, he is doing such much better when I take him out to places even new places! :) He's still has his few moments here and there but overall is doing so much better! He also did wonderful at swim this past Saturday (I forgot to blog about it), he's been working on the "humpty dumpty" for about a week and did it Saturday all by himself! I was thrilled! (He has to climb out of the pool a certain way from the side instead of using the stairs) He is getting his hair cut tonight and he gets to meet his new kindergarten teacher tomorrow night! :)

Shopping Trip

So with everybody getting ready for back to school and returning to school schedules, my Mom has become very busy. She usually runs errands with all of us and helps me with Christian and his little sister. Some days they are perfect and others are handfulls :) But thats ok! So its very rare that I take the kids out by myself-but since my Mom has returned to her school schedule, I took them shopping with me today. We went to Walmart early this morning and did grocery shopping and they were great! Caitlin rode in the front as she usually does and Christian was a big helper! He helped me push the cart and I gave him items to "Slam Dunk" into the shopping cart. He occasionally would hold my hand or let go for just a second, run around the cart and come back to grab my hand. The shopping trip took a little longer than usual, but that was ok. I was very proud of him for helping so much and for making the shopping trip fun :)

Having Lunch W/Daddy Chris At Work

So Monday we decided to go meet Chris up at his work and all go out to lunch together. Well Christian had a pretty good morning and was in a good mood until we got up to his work. The noise level was pretty loud (kids playing, talking, etc) and he was not happy. He plugged his ears and refused to stay inside while we were waiting on Chris.  We've been in his work before and not had an issue so i'm not sure what threw him off so much today. So we decided to eat lunch at Double Dave's Pizza just up the street, it's like a fancy Cici's lol. Christian was much happier here, he likes instant food or a buffett and of course pizza!:) We were eating lunch a little later than usual and I think just everything was overwhelming to him until he was able to have something to focus on, like the pizza. Christian enjoyed his lunch, he ate two slices of pizza and alot of dessert!
Christian is registered and all ready for kindergarten! Next week is meet the teacher night and we will drop off school supplies at that time, than the 22nd is the big day! Can't believe August came this quickly!

Water Park

We took Christian & his baby sister to the water park in Arlington yesterday and they had a blast! Christian did not want to wear his arm floaties so we held onto him most of the time. It was so hot but it was nice to be in the water and cooling off! We were there for a little over an hour and by than both of the kidos were tired and ready to go. Christian did so well, he was well behaved and really enjoyed himself! :)
Christian has been enjoying the summer and staying cool in this miserable heat! Last weekend he had a very busy weekend, he had some cousins over Saturday evening to play than had a play date on Sunday as well! He always enjoys company and had alot of fun playing with everyone!

Wednesday we took Christian to the mall, to get the last of his school shopping done. (The last on the list was new shoes!) He did wonderful in the mall, I got him two new pairs of shoes from Stride Rite (I am a big fan of this brand). He had on a size 10, so I was thinking he probably needed a 10 1/2. Nope I was wrong, the store clerk brought me size 11's for him and they fit! They are super cute too!
Christian's been doing really well at swim lessons! This past Saturday everybody was there, so it was quite crowded so it was hard for Christian to focus with so many distractions, but he still did well! He loves the water and he is very comfortable with it.
I took Christian to church Sunday morning and his normal teachers weren't there, so he had a hard time at first and wanted to go with me instead of stay in his classroom and play. But one of the teachers from the later service stepped in and helped and he was great with Christian. He distracted him so we could step out and go to our service, than when I came back (an hour later), he was laughing and having a good time.  Northwood is soo good with special needs children!

Well its that time of year again- we've gotten all of Christian's school supplies and some new back to school clothes. He's stocked and ready to go! Lol. He will have registration and meet the teacher night in a few weeks and than the first day of kindergarten is the 22nd! Wow!
Swim Lessons!

Quick Update

Christian has been doing well. He enjoyed swimming last weekend and won't have it this weekend because of the holiday weekend. Potty training has been going ok, he has about 1-2 accidents a day but we are making progress. Overall he is just enjoying his summer and having fun! :)
Christian had his first day of swim lessons this morning and loved it! He loves the water so I figured it would not be a biggie! There were more children than expected but the only thing that bothered Christian was the noise level. Occasionally he would plug his ears, but once he figured out his hands made lots of splashes than he was fine! We are looking forward to next weekends swim lessons! :)

Making cookies

Helping Make Cookies!

Most Autistic children have sensory issues, Christian is not a fan of textures. Especially textures that are not everyday encounters. Soo.. He assisted me today in making peanut butter cookies from scratch. They are easy cookies to make, just 4 ingredients, so I asked him to help me stir. He did ok, didn't like the way the cookie dough felt. Than, I had him taste it :) He likes peanut butter so I knew it would work and it did. He couldn't wait to try a cookie once they came out of the oven! Yup, they were delicious, he kept asking for more!
We had a family event last night and for the most part Christian did fine. He munched on some food and played with the beach ball alot! He wanted to keep going outside, but it was hot and his uncle was already going in and out because he was cooking on the grill. Grandma has a swing outback that he loves to sit and swing on everytime we go to visit! But Christian played and had yummy cake. He loves it at grandma's house!

Summer Time!

Christian's summer has started! :) He's been doing pretty well so far. We took him to Chuck E Cheese for the first time in a while, he did awesome. We had the whole place to ourselves and he ran around and did as he pleased :) He loved driving the cars, playing ski ball and the basketball games. We all enjoyed it, so we are hoping to go back soon! Christian's swim lesson start up in a week and we are super excited! He has a busy weekend ahead and lots of family time :) Soon we will be getting him a pool and slip&slide for the backyard, I know he will love that!


Christian graduated from pre-k! We had alot of fun yesterday, he had chick-fil-a nuggets, juice and cookie cake with his classmates to celebrate! Last night we took Christian out to eat at Chili's with the family and he did wonderful! It was a nice dinner! :) Congrats Christian! We are all so proud of you and love you soo much!

Tomorrow is the Big Day! I can't wait! I've been running around all day today trying to get stuff together :) Super excited about graduation day for Christian! Way to go big guy!
Can't believe my Little Man is graduating from pre-k on Thursday! Wow! I'm sad and happy at the same time! :) I love his teachers and his class that he is in at the moment and i'm so sad he is leaving but so excited for him to start kindergarden and a whole new chapter! Ready to meet his new teachers and his new friends! Christian is growing up!! :)
Well since Christian had surgery on Thursday, he has been up and down like a roller coaster. Friday I picked him up a little early from school and he had a little runny nose but other than that seemed to be ok. Saturday we were out and about most of the day, he ended up taking a 2 hour nap which he hardly ever does! Saturday night he started coughing and by Sunday morning it was much worse. I gave him some over the counter cough medicine and put the humidifer in his room and that seemed to help. By Sunday afternoon he was back to his normal playful self :) I was so thankful because we had family in town, so it turned out to be a nice visit! So, not sure if he got a cold or if it was just something in the air. The weather changed and sometimes that has an effect on him too.

Well Blogspot had some issues and erased Thursdays blog. So, let me retype it!

Christian had his surgery yesterday morning. He had his 2nd set of tubes put in and hopefully his last! He was pretty miserable when we first got to the hospital, he did not like all the nurses trying to take his vitals and what not. They ended up giving him a medicine to help him relax, than they were able to get everything done. He was given gas medicine to help him sleep during the surgery and I was able to stay with him until right up when they took him away to put his tubes in. The surgery itself is like 5 minutes long if that lol, once he started waking up I was able to go in and sit with him. It took Christian about 20 minutes to come too and drink some juice, than we were able to take him home. It was perfect weather for hanging out in our pj's and relaxing all day and thats exactly what we did! Christian got plenty of rest and he sure needed it! Thanks for everyone who was keeping him in your thoughts and prayers yesterday!
Christian Had A Field Trip Today To Lets Jump & Had Alot Of Fun!


This is  baby Sister :) & Christian plugging his ears is usually what he does when its to loud or a noise bothers him (like blender or something). He also thinks this works if he just plugs one ear lol. He's silly :)

Hello May!

May is a super busy month! (I apoligize for not updating on Christian-being a mother of two, I am very busy!) Christian has been doing good all around, he has just a few weeks of school left and were ready to have a fantastic summer! Christian's surgery is a week away! He is getting new tubes put in his ears by his ENT at Harris in Azle. Hopefully this will be his last set!  (Cross your fingers) Christian and his baby sister are very fond of each other, they make each other laugh, giggle and smile! They love playing on mommy & daddy's bed together-they are just too cute!
His school has decided to have a brief ARD meeting after all, so i'm just waiting to hear the date on that. Christian is going to take the summer off, no school and no therapy. We are all going to sit down and create a schedule for him during the week- full of educational material and of course fun! We are planning fun things this summer that I didnt get to do last summer because I worked so much and was pregnant! We are going to the zoo, lots and lots of water parks, enjoy ice cream outside and lots more! Were sooo excited!

Easter Weekend

Christian had a fun and busy Easter weekend! Saturday, Northwood Church partnered with FEAT ( and did an Easter egg hunt for Special Needs children only! Christian had alot of fun and collected alot of eggs! It was super windy, but we were able to get some great pictures!
Sunday we went to Northwood and after lunch and church he was able to check out what the Easter Bunny brought him :) The cooler weather has been great for getting out and enjoying the outdoors! A relaxing Sunday but overall a great weekend for little man!

April 18th, 19th & 20th

I think the week just jumped out in front of Christian like a big train. Boy did he have a super rough Monday! He hasnt had a day like this in a very long time! He had a hard time at school, wasnt focusing and just not having a good morning. I discussed it with his teacher and she thinks maybe he is just overwhelmed or theres too many distractions. (They got a handful of new kids in his class, it just used to be Christian & 3 other children). That afternoon/evening didnt get any better for my little guy. He had double therapy at home and was just not interested, the rest of the day he was just very whiny and not really wanting to do anything. So after dinner and bath, I think he was in bed by 715. He usually doesnt go to bed this early, but he crashed, I think he needed a really good nights sleep!
Tuesday & Wednesday seemed to be much better! His teacher has divided his class room up into two groups and that seems to help with everything that Christian is feeling. He only has a few weeks of school left, so hopefully we wont have any more rough mornings! His teachers at school are awesome, I dont even know how to describe them! I am so sad that he is moving up to all day kindergarten but at the same time, excited to see what the future holds for Christian and us!
We discussed summer school and next year with his school teacher and he wont be going to summer school this year, hopefully with all the teachers, we can put our heads together and create a summer schedule that will work for him at home and allow him to keep progressing and going in the right direction. As for kindergarten, its possible he will be merging with the other class, so right know there are 4 children total and Christian would attend school until 315. I know going all day with new teachers, new friends and eating lunch at school will be a HUGE HUGE HUGE adjustment period for Christian. But i'd rather not think too much into that until August gets here :)

Week Of April 11th

Christian was not feeling to well on Sunday the 10th, so Monday I took him into the doctors and he has an upper resportary infection along with a bad cough. His baby sister was diagnosed with RSV the previous Thursday, so the doctor thinks that may have a part in him getting sick. She prescribed him antibiotics and a cough medicine and within 24 hours he was feeling much better. The doctor is concerned about his weight though but I assured her he eats healthy and all day at that :) Usually when he gets sick is when he looses weight, and he kind of just slows down. His cough lingered around for several days, but other than that he returned to his normal schedule of school and therapy. I've added more healthy carbs and fruits to his daily routine so hopefully that will help. He is just a little guy with a little frame, he's petite lol. But Christian is not too bad, for being 5 he is wearing size 5 clothes and some 5/6 depending on the brands, etc.
Were starting to push the potty training more at school and at home, thats always been an obstacle. But we will eventually overcome it!
Christian had a busy weekend, we spent most of the day at grandma's (my mom's) and helped her around the house and ran some errands. It was beautiful Saturday so he was able to play in her huge backyard most of the day, which he absolutely loved! Sunday we went to church and he had a wonderful play date that afternoon!
I'm waiting to hear back from Christian's school teacher on an ARD meeting before school is over to discuss next year, goals, etc. He will be graduating in May and starting all day kindergarten in August! I can't believe it!

Week Of April 3rd

Christian had such a fabulous weekend with the Autism Walk! We spent Sunday relaxing and just catching back up on things after spending most of the day in Abilene Saturday. Monday was Lucas' birthday (my youngest brother) so we went to Braum's and had ice cream with the family. Christian shared a sundae with me and loved it! It was a nice treat!
Christian had a really good week, everything ran smoothly with school and therapy. He is doing great with his notebook that his speech therapist created for him! He's trying to say new words and sounds everyday which is super exciting! I'm estactic! :) Orders went out for school t-shirts, so I ordered him one and I got information on his upcoming field trip! I'm excited to take him back to lets jump! I wanted to do some fun stuff outdoors over the weekend but baby sister got sick with RSV on Thursday and went down hill from there, than Christian got sick on Saturday. So he spent the weekend relaxing and trying to get to feeling better. We spent time in doors out of the wind and weather and just enjoyed the family time.

Walk Now For Autism Speaks

Walk Now For Autism Speaks!

Today Was The Big Day! We drove out to Abilene, Tx to the Abilene Zoo! It was a lot of fun. We had family and friends join us there as well! Christian enjoyed it! We walked around the zoo and checked out all the different animals, their zoo is alot smaller than the Fort Worth Zoo but it was still fun! I'm so glad we went and I look forward to doing the walk again next year, depending on where it is :)

Light It Up Blue

We Are Lighting It Up Blue For Christian & All The Others Who Have Autism Or Are Someway Impacted By It! April Is Autism Awareness Month! Show Your Support! Light It Up Blue :)

Ice Cream Party At School Today :) Yay!

Christian had a pretty rough day at school Monday and Tuesday. They have added a few new kids to his class and we just think he is going through an adjustment period. Today (Wednesday) was much better!
His speech therapist has been working with him on a picture schedule, or I thinks she calls it (Peks) to be specific. If I even spelt that right, its similiar to what he uses at school. He is given 2 or 3 pictures to choose from and sometimes a blank picture is given too, he is to request the picture in order to recieve what he wants. Sometime he is on task 100% and sometimes he picks the blank card until he figures out what he wants. Its a working progress, but he's getting the hang of it. He actually keeps all of his pictures at home in a binder and if he would like to request something he has to bring one of us the binder and take out the picture that he wants. But we have not gotten that far yet. The binder and all of this was just introduced to him at home with in the past week or so. We are excited that the Autism walk is this Saturday! We've been preparing for it for months!

New Skill

Christian is working on a skill we've been teaching him. He is trying to lace the image shown (the dumptruck) with a shoe lace. You have to put each one through a different hole. He's doing better than when we first introduced it to him. Look at his face, total concentration! :)

Spring Break

Christian had a fun Spring Break! He enjoyed playing outside and visiting with friends! He was alot of help with yard work too! He still had therapy during the week, we've introduced our own version of the picture schedule that we created for him to use at home. He's also signing a few basics which is great! Christian had a play date at our house Sunday and did great! Its so cute to see him playing happily with his friends! He was super excited to return to school on Monday!

Chuck E Cheese

Well we took Christian to Chuck E Cheese yesterday evening for a friend/classmates birthday party. He hasn't been in several years but he did ok, he put his fingers in his ears before we even got in the door. He ran around for the  most part, getting up on the car, driving it for a second than running back to the basketball game. Chris followed him around for the most part because I had the baby. He was able to see his friends from school and I know he was excited about that. Christian wasn't interested in eating pizza or anything like that, but he lasted about an hour. By 8 it was time to go, its just overwhelming for him. The lights, the noise, the people, theres so much going on. We try to take him out more and more to get used to being in atmospheres like that, but he definitely did better than we expected. :)

ENT Visit

Well Christian went to the ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor) on Monday. They were alot more crowded than last time and the wait was longer. Christian did really good though, he sat in my lap and played with my iphone most of the time. When  it was his turn to be seen, he fussed a little bit while the doctor looked in his ears, But it was nothing compared to previous visits! I was so proud of him! Good news is his infection in his ear has cleared up, but the doctor still wants to do surgery. He is going to take the old ones out and put in new titanium tubes. Surgery is not till April.
Christian had a great week at school! They have started a transportation theme, which he loves! That is actually the theme his bedroom is done in! He loves things that go! Christian enjoys computer time at school, we can't wait to buy him an Ipad!
He has been working really hard on lacing objects. He has a transportation set and you have to pull the shoe string in and out of the holes, from 1 to 20 to connect them, etc.
We took Christian to the Arlington annual kite festival on Saturday and he did awesome! He loves being outdoors and loved seeing all the different kites flying in the sky! The weather was perfect!

Just Thought I'd Share :)

It's March!

This past week was just one of those weeks! Christian had a good week overall, since its a new month, his therapy is back on schedule and were not trying to get caught up anymore. All the bad weather in Febuary through his schedule off for sessions. Hopefully we will get to meet his new behavioral therapist soon, we are very excited and we are anxious to see what she has to offer Christian.

He had class pictures Thursday and they didnt go so well. Last year he did great and they turned out soo cute! He wasnt even able to do an individual this year because of anxiety and putting his fingers in his ears, his teacher said he did class picture but they had to take several. So we'll see how they turned out!

Christian had his first play date on Saturday! I wasn't sure how he would act because its a friend from school, but new places and new driving routes throw him off and it did. Once we turned on the main street he started kicking the back of the seat and I knew from that point I was going to have a hard time with him. Once we got inside he hesitated for a while and stood by the door with his fingers in his ears. It took him a few minutes to realize who was around him and than he slowly settled in. I was able to have a close up with the Ipad, I don't know anyone else who owns one and I am very interested in getting one for Christian. I think with my help it could really benefit him. I also downloaded a new app on my Iphone for Christian to use on spelling and creating words. I think everyone enjoyed themselves on the play date and was so glad it all worked out!

Christian doesn't like a big change in his routine and is hesitant about new places but he is easy to adjust. Espically if there is calm and friendly faces close by :)

Ups And Downs

Well Christian's been busy the past couple of days! He had his usual therapy sessions this week and he's really enjoying PT. Christian accidently hurt sister for the first time on Saturday. She was in her jumperoo and he dropped a toy car on her foot by accident and she cried. He cried too and I sent him to his room until they both calmed down. I held Caitlin in my arms and got down on Christian's level and explained to him what had happened and helped him give sister a hug and I let him know that I wasn't mad at him and everybody was ok. He did a great job being sweet to her!
Today we went to church and he had a blast playing with his friends. He got to play basketball and his teacher said he had so much fun and did very well! His teachers at church are very sweet, we are very happy to have found one with a special needs room :) This afternoon sister and Christian were babbling back and forth, it was so cute. She really loves her big brother! We visited with Grandma for a little bit today and enjoyed the out doors!

Feb 21 & 22

Its a new week!
Christian is working on matching triangles and rectangles at school! He did great at speech today, he was tired in the afternoon and a little cranky. He went to bed with no problem and slept like a rock.

Christian had his ENT appointment today (Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor). His left ear is infected again, which is what I figured. The doctor said the tube is wedged down in his ear and a little bit of skin is starting to grow over it. She prescribed him antibiotics and ear drops. We go back on the 14th of March for the Doctor to look at his ear, and if the infection has cleared up, than we will schedule surgery. They are going to pull out the old tubes and put in two new ones. The Doctor said its common for children to have a couple sets of tubes, this is Christian's 2nd set and hopefully the last!

02-18, 02-19 & 02-20

A very busy 3 days! :)
Friday Christian had pt and it went well, we worked on riding a trike and Christian did outstanding! We were actually talking about upgrading him to a small bike with training wheels-and of course a helmet. So I will have to check some out online, etc.
Saturday he had speech and he was able to spend some time outdoors, again the weather was lovely! His dad came to visit for a little bit, they always seem to enjoy their time together.
We took Christian with us on Sunday to run a few errands and shop for a new bed. He actually had fun! He was helping us try out all the beds and jumping and climbing on them, it was like a new playground for him! lol. After that we took him to get his hair cut and it didn't go so well. Last time was ok and this time was worse. He just cried and cried the whole time, while sitting in my lap, so we both got covered in hair! But all we can do is hope that the next haircut will be a little smoother. On the bright side he got to pick out a sucker that he wanted when she was all done!
Most Autistic children do not like to be touched or messed with by a stranger. Christian has a sweet side and will give hugs and even let you kiss him if you request, he even loves to hold hands! :) He thinks his therapist are always trying to tickle him and he just laughs and laughs.

02-16 & 02-17

Christian is such a smart boy! I downloaded a few new apps for him on my iphone and so far he is doing very well! :) He had a great day at school, they were able to go out and play on the playground! The weather here has been wonderful all week!
He's also doing better at being indepndent in art, not needing hand over hand direction-which is great!
Christian's been helping me around the house with picking up his toys and even putting his dishes up! We've gone on a walk almost every afternoon this week, its so nice to be outside when its in the 70's! He loves being outdoors!

Valentine's Day & 02-15

Christian had a nice Valentine's Day! He of course wore red to school, they had their party last friday so it was a regular scheduled day for him :) He got to try my new recipe at dinner and he liked it!
Christian is doing well with matching objects at school, his speech therapist is working with him on sign language and a picture schedule/picture cards. He will do signs with the help of her hands or he will put his hands over hers and do them. I think he's just being lazy lol.
He is doing well in physical therapy, he's reaching almost all of his goals that we set for him, so I think its time for some new ones! An occupational therapist has openings, so hopefully we can get Christian in with her!

Weekend 02-12 & 02-13

It's almost Valentine's Day! Christian had a great weekend! The weather here was lovely! We bought him a new organizer shelf for his room, its pretty neat. So we spent Saturday morning working on his room :) We attended Daddy Chris' hockey game in Denton in the afternoon. Christian did ok this time, as long as he had goldfish to snack on he was happy. It was a little louder this time with more people so it was different than last time and it makes it a little harder to adjust. Christian enjoys Sunday mornings, because he loves going to church! Northwood is great, and their special needs room is run by a group of fantastic women! He really enjoys going and getting to play with his friends! :)

Busy Busy :)

Christian had a great week, he's been very busy! He is showing a little bit of improvement on speech. He is trying to communicate so hard. He is making new noises/sounds which is great! He had his classroom Valentine's Party on Friday and sister & I went :) It was fun, he enjoyed it alot!