The Story Of Three: 02-18, 02-19 & 02-20

Friday, October 28, 2011

02-18, 02-19 & 02-20

A very busy 3 days! :)
Friday Christian had pt and it went well, we worked on riding a trike and Christian did outstanding! We were actually talking about upgrading him to a small bike with training wheels-and of course a helmet. So I will have to check some out online, etc.
Saturday he had speech and he was able to spend some time outdoors, again the weather was lovely! His dad came to visit for a little bit, they always seem to enjoy their time together.
We took Christian with us on Sunday to run a few errands and shop for a new bed. He actually had fun! He was helping us try out all the beds and jumping and climbing on them, it was like a new playground for him! lol. After that we took him to get his hair cut and it didn't go so well. Last time was ok and this time was worse. He just cried and cried the whole time, while sitting in my lap, so we both got covered in hair! But all we can do is hope that the next haircut will be a little smoother. On the bright side he got to pick out a sucker that he wanted when she was all done!
Most Autistic children do not like to be touched or messed with by a stranger. Christian has a sweet side and will give hugs and even let you kiss him if you request, he even loves to hold hands! :) He thinks his therapist are always trying to tickle him and he just laughs and laughs.

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