The Story Of Three: April 18th, 19th & 20th

Friday, October 28, 2011

April 18th, 19th & 20th

I think the week just jumped out in front of Christian like a big train. Boy did he have a super rough Monday! He hasnt had a day like this in a very long time! He had a hard time at school, wasnt focusing and just not having a good morning. I discussed it with his teacher and she thinks maybe he is just overwhelmed or theres too many distractions. (They got a handful of new kids in his class, it just used to be Christian & 3 other children). That afternoon/evening didnt get any better for my little guy. He had double therapy at home and was just not interested, the rest of the day he was just very whiny and not really wanting to do anything. So after dinner and bath, I think he was in bed by 715. He usually doesnt go to bed this early, but he crashed, I think he needed a really good nights sleep!
Tuesday & Wednesday seemed to be much better! His teacher has divided his class room up into two groups and that seems to help with everything that Christian is feeling. He only has a few weeks of school left, so hopefully we wont have any more rough mornings! His teachers at school are awesome, I dont even know how to describe them! I am so sad that he is moving up to all day kindergarten but at the same time, excited to see what the future holds for Christian and us!
We discussed summer school and next year with his school teacher and he wont be going to summer school this year, hopefully with all the teachers, we can put our heads together and create a summer schedule that will work for him at home and allow him to keep progressing and going in the right direction. As for kindergarten, its possible he will be merging with the other class, so right know there are 4 children total and Christian would attend school until 315. I know going all day with new teachers, new friends and eating lunch at school will be a HUGE HUGE HUGE adjustment period for Christian. But i'd rather not think too much into that until August gets here :)

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