The Story Of Three: Beginning Of Summer

Friday, October 28, 2011

Beginning Of Summer

The first few months just flew by! I couldn't believe June was already here and summer came so quickly! By this time Caitlin had two bottom teeth right next to each other, she loved to hold onto your hands and stand up. She's clapping and still so playful. We enjoy visiting family and friends, and everyone just loves to see Caitlin. She has mastered sitting and reaches for toys or objects that are not in close range. She plays with pretty much all the toys on the floor, doesn't really have a favorite. Her Lovely (Bear/Blanket) is her favorite thing overall, it goes everywhere with her! :)

Caitlin is eating stage 2 jar foods and fruit puffs-they dissolve in her mouth and come in several flavors. They make for a great and easy snack, espically if we are out and about!

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