The Story Of Three: Busy Wednesday

Friday, October 28, 2011

Busy Wednesday

Christian had a busy morning today! We started off with having breakfast at school, they did their annual Donuts for Dad's, but I had an ARD meeting at 830 so I had to be at school anyways sooo-We enjoyed Donut's together! :) I got to watch Christian in action in his classroom, he really enjoyed playing with the pointers (see picture). He really enjoys school so much and that makes me sooo happy!

So we had Christian's ARD meeting this morning and I feel it went well! :) We discussed past goals and new goals. We are going to keep about the same handful of goals and just tweak them a little bit. Christian will also start visiting the regular PE class for 25 minutes a day with an EA to help with any sensory issues, etc. He loves the gym, but we are not sure how he will react with other children that are not from his class being in the same room. He's following directions, interacting with his peers and smiing/dancing to the music! Overall everyone was impressed with how much progress he has made and we are all very proud of Christian! We will have another ARD in December and than he has to have an evaluation in January-which we haven't done since he first started school-So more paperwork and more meetings lol.

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