The Story Of Three: Caitlin About 6 to 7 Months

Friday, October 28, 2011

Caitlin About 6 to 7 Months

Caitlin is sooo much fun! She is such a happy and playful baby! She loves everyone but favors Mommy the most! :) About 6 to 7 months is when Caitlin was sitting, some days a little more wobbly than others but overall sitting well. She enjoys playing with toys and watching Christian (big brother) run around the house. (He is always in motion).  She is staring to push up with her arms to get her tummy off the floor, but not crawling yet. We've introduced stage one baby jar foods and she loves them all! We started out just once a day and grew quickly to three times a day-what a chunk! :)

Of course Caitlin is sleeping through the night, she has flipped over to her stomach and enjoys sleeping this way. As a newborn she was trained to sleep on her back, it helps reduce the risks of SIDS. As Caitlin grew and grew, her weight in her car seat did as well, so we decided to move her up to a rear facing upright car seat. So we headed off to BabiesRus and picked out this one-

It made life so much easier in her big girl car seat! No more lugging the infant carrier around, I could just pick her up and carry out or put her in front seat of the shopping cart, etc. I also had a Baby Bjorn I enjoyed putting her in until she got too heavy!

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