The Story Of Three: Caitlin Is Almost 11 Months

Friday, October 28, 2011

Caitlin Is Almost 11 Months

Caitlin is learning and picking up on new things so fast! Every week she is exploring new boundaries and this week, well as of the other day, it was standing-on her own! She is pulling up on anything she possibly can and standing straight up. She is even getting brave and moving from one object to another, like trying to go from chair to chair or from the chair to my leg, etc. She is trying so hard to walk but just has not developed that balance quite yet! But I have a feeling in no time she will be off and running. She has been eating table food for almost a month, no jar food at all. She is doing great with her sippy cup and is slowly transitioning from formula to milk. I have started adding one to two ounces of milk to her formula at her night time bottle. She doesn't seem to mind it at all so that's good, considering Christian drinks Lactose Free milk only. Caitlin doesn't go for another check up until November 3rd, I can't wait to see how big she is than! :) She also has 4 teeth on top with another one coming in and 3 teeth on the bottom with another one coming in as well!

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