The Story Of Three

Friday, October 28, 2011

Christian had a pretty rough day at school Monday and Tuesday. They have added a few new kids to his class and we just think he is going through an adjustment period. Today (Wednesday) was much better!
His speech therapist has been working with him on a picture schedule, or I thinks she calls it (Peks) to be specific. If I even spelt that right, its similiar to what he uses at school. He is given 2 or 3 pictures to choose from and sometimes a blank picture is given too, he is to request the picture in order to recieve what he wants. Sometime he is on task 100% and sometimes he picks the blank card until he figures out what he wants. Its a working progress, but he's getting the hang of it. He actually keeps all of his pictures at home in a binder and if he would like to request something he has to bring one of us the binder and take out the picture that he wants. But we have not gotten that far yet. The binder and all of this was just introduced to him at home with in the past week or so. We are excited that the Autism walk is this Saturday! We've been preparing for it for months!

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