The Story Of Three

Friday, October 28, 2011

Christian had a wonderful weekend!!! He did amazing at swim lessons on Saturday morning, I'm so proud of him! On Sunday he had a playdate with his little buddy from school and that afternoon we went to Grandma's Friend's place for swimming and eating! :) Christian loves loves loves the water! I am so glad that his swim lessons got the funding they needed to stay open until the end of October! I so want an indoor pool! lol. He had a super busy day yesterday and by 7:30 was passed out in my bed!

My Friend and I took the kido's lunch today at Christian's school, it was nice to see how Christian did in the cafteria setting with all of the other children. He sat next to me and ate his pizza-well he got up a few times, had his fingers in his ears (because of the noise) and wiped his greasy hands on my clean shorts :) But other than that we had a nice lunch! I'm hoping to eat lunch with him about once a week!

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