The Story Of Three

Friday, October 28, 2011

Christian's been doing really well at swim lessons! This past Saturday everybody was there, so it was quite crowded so it was hard for Christian to focus with so many distractions, but he still did well! He loves the water and he is very comfortable with it.
I took Christian to church Sunday morning and his normal teachers weren't there, so he had a hard time at first and wanted to go with me instead of stay in his classroom and play. But one of the teachers from the later service stepped in and helped and he was great with Christian. He distracted him so we could step out and go to our service, than when I came back (an hour later), he was laughing and having a good time.  Northwood is soo good with special needs children!

Well its that time of year again- we've gotten all of Christian's school supplies and some new back to school clothes. He's stocked and ready to go! Lol. He will have registration and meet the teacher night in a few weeks and than the first day of kindergarten is the 22nd! Wow!

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