The Story Of Three: Chuck E Cheese

Friday, October 28, 2011

Chuck E Cheese

Well we took Christian to Chuck E Cheese yesterday evening for a friend/classmates birthday party. He hasn't been in several years but he did ok, he put his fingers in his ears before we even got in the door. He ran around for the  most part, getting up on the car, driving it for a second than running back to the basketball game. Chris followed him around for the most part because I had the baby. He was able to see his friends from school and I know he was excited about that. Christian wasn't interested in eating pizza or anything like that, but he lasted about an hour. By 8 it was time to go, its just overwhelming for him. The lights, the noise, the people, theres so much going on. We try to take him out more and more to get used to being in atmospheres like that, but he definitely did better than we expected. :)

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