The Story Of Three: December 14th & 15th 2010

Friday, October 28, 2011

December 14th & 15th 2010

Well Christian had a good day again today :) He woke up on time and even though he had a subsitute at school again, he enjoyed his morning. They watched The Polar Express-which he loves! Santa visits Christian's school tomorrow, not sure how he will like that lol. He doesn't really understand that whole concept. Christian is learning to be a big brother/big helper :) He helps me with little sister, or will bring me an item that I asked him to get. Christian had PT today (Physical Therapy), they worked on things like balance, throwing/rolling the ball with either hand and kicking while the ball is in motion. We were able to go out and play on the playground since it was not as cold today as it had been. Christian really enjoy's playing outside, so he had a blast. Grandma came over and visited with Christian today too, he enjoy's seeing her alot! Well bathtime and off to bed..

Christian's teacher was back today, hooray! His class did visit Santa, but Christian would not sit on his lap. Oh well! lol. After nap time today we worked on puzzles and writing his name. Christian doesnt really have a dominate hand he uses, we thought for a while he was left handed, but he will use either. So we practice writing with the right hand, plus its easier for me to help. Christian also enjoys dancing and jumping up and down, his favorite to dance to is The Fresh Beat Band (On NickJr). (I wish they had music on Itunes-it would be great for car rides) No therapy for Christian today, just an afternoon with me and little sister. :)

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