The Story Of Three: December 16th 2010

Friday, October 28, 2011

December 16th 2010

Busy Busy Busy Thursday! Christian had his classroom Christmas party at school today and had so much fun! They decorate cookies, play games, do a book exchange and of course eat yummy Christmas snacks with friends!

                                        Icing Anyone!? lol

                The ornament Christian made at school for me & Chris :)

After school Christian had PT, we worked on kicking the ball to a goal and bouncing the ball from person to person. We also worked on balance again and of course just had fun playing. For the longest time, Christian would walk on his tippy toes, and run into things-like the wall or a table, an object that has always been there. But he is doing much better. Stride Rite shoes helped him so much and he still continues to wear them! After nap time we went and visited my cousin and Christian got to play with her boys and had a lot of fun! Its always nice visiting family :)

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