The Story Of Three: December 17th, 18th & 19th

Friday, October 28, 2011

December 17th, 18th & 19th

Dec 17th

  Well Christian is officially out of school until January 4th, woohoo! Christian is really big on routine, he does not like to have a big change in it or be thrown off. So we'll see how Christmas break goes since he will be out of school for two weeks, hopefully we will all enjoy the time together! :) This morning we worked on reading and playing games-his favorite is the go fishing electronic game. After a yummy lunch, Christian helped me clean up and than took a short nap. PT came this afternoon and worked on getting Christian to stand and stay in one place for more than just a few seconds (Like long enough to throw a ball, ect) and some other various goals. No outside time though today, its chilly plus the wind makes it even colder. Christian's Dad and his family visited for a little while last night, he tries to see Christian about once a week. They are getting reacquainted and Christian is adjusting just fine.

Dec 18th

  Just hanging out around the house today, Christian helped me clean and organize his room and we worked on puzzles after that. He's doing amazing at taking puzzles apart and putting them back together correctly (Which is great for brain development). We also worked on handwriting and flash cards again today. Christian almost has mastered getting himself dressed/undressed. He just can't figure out the snaps on his pants! lol. Christian still has some sensory issues, it is an every day battle to keep stuff out of his mouth-wether it being a toy or just his hands. Grandma came and visited for a little bit today, Christian is always excited to see her! He's a happy boy and even happier just playing all day. :)

Dec 19th

   Christian started the morning off by watching a few of his favorite cartoons while eating breakfast. He loves The Wonder Pets & The Fresh Beat Band! :)
Christian colored today with magic markers-it takes lots of practice to learn how to use your hand for writing & to be able to hold a pencil/marker the correct way. Its extra hard for Christian because he has to sit still long enough in the chair to complete the task! I was thinking of different ways to help Christian read/speak/write, etc, so I've started making words on his easel with magnets. Than we try to sound out the word and match it with the flash card. Anytime we try new things it takes a few days before Christian will get the hang of it, than just like anything else it becomes routine for him. Tomorrow starts our busy week-we will spend majority of the day with two new friends (I've started a part time nanny job), i think Christian will have a blast! It's bathtime and than cuddling up for bed time stories!

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