The Story Of Three: December 20th & 21st

Friday, October 28, 2011

December 20th & 21st

Dec 20th
  Yay, Its Monday! Christian was introduced to two new friends today! It takes a while for Christian to adjust to new surroundings and new people, he just needs time to process everything and let it soak in lol.Christian spent most of the day getting familiar with his new friends and by afternoon was having fun playing with them! It was beautiful outside, so I took Christian to a new park/playground and of course had a blast! He was exhausted by evening, so after bath, it was story and bedtime a little early tonight.

Dec 21st
  Up early today and well rested, Christian is ready to go! He had no problem playing and enjoying his two new friends today! Christian likes to rough-house but of course we don't encourage it. We teach him to be nice and use nice/soft hands. Every since he has been out of daycare, his attitude and behavior has improved so much! Christian has started doing his flash card sets two-three times a day know. Just so he will pick up new sounds/words, etc. Earlier this evening we went to Grandma's and helped cut, bake and decorate Christmas cookies. Christian did a wonderful job, he was unsure of the cookie dough at first (sensory/texture, etc), but after a few tries he enjoyed using the cookie cutters. He had a blast decorating the cookies, I think he wanted to eat them all! It's always fun spending time with the family, especially around the holidays!

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