The Story Of Three: December 22nd & 23rd

Friday, October 28, 2011

December 22nd & 23rd

Dec 22nd

  Today was a relaxing day. Christian enjoyed spending the day with his new friends and is slowly getting better at sharing. :) No outside time today, because Texas got a coolfront and it is alot cooler today. Christian's potty training is going ok, he doesn't know how to tell me he has to go, so I just take him several times a day to the potty. All I can say is, thank goodness for gummy bears! :) Grandma came over to visit again this evening, Christian enjoys her company. Bath and story time I think is Christian's favorite part of the day & than he's off to bed.

Dec 23rd
   Its Wednesday, hooray! One more day closer to Christmas! Christian helped me bake yummy goodies today to take to family this weekend and of course for Santa! He is a big helper around the house, and I love it! More handwriting practicing and flash cards today. We really have to push Christian to get the results we want. He doesn't have therapy again until January so everyday is filled with educational material & playing! :) We visited with the Great-Grandparents today and had a yummy dinner! We are all excited about Christmas and ready to spend some time with the family!

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