The Story Of Three: December 26th & 27th

Friday, October 28, 2011

December 26th & 27th

Dec 26th

  Christian slept in till 8am today! Wow! He was exhausted from the wonderful yet busy day he had before hand! Christian recieved so many presents, his room is overflowing! He played for a little bit this morning, he loves his new football! Than we went and visited Grandpa & Grandma, they are in town from Florida. We enjoy spending time with them! :) Christian relaxed this evening with his new movie Wonder Pets, than it was bathtime and off to bed. Overall it was a great day for Christian, I think he is just still overwhelmed from Friday & Saturday!

Dec 27th

  Ah, Monday. One more week of winter break for Christian and than its back to school! Christian spent the day playing with his two friends and is learning how to play his new Buzz-Lightyear hand-held game! (From Vtech) We finished the day off with yummy pizza (which is Christian's favorite) and relaxing time.

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