The Story Of Three: December 30th & 31st

Friday, October 28, 2011

December 30th & 31st

Dec 30th

  Just a relaxing day today, the weather was a little warmer and nicer. Christian spent most of the day playing with the boys and his Buzz Lightyear hand-held game by Vtech. We read some brand new stories today, I am introducing Christian to Dr Suess. So far its going well, the stories are a little longer but he seems to enjoy them! :) Christian was treated to Chicken Express for dinner, another one of his favorites! We don't like the one by us, so we use the one on N Beach, so its a very rare outing! After dinner we headed to Target to do a little shopping (Christian actually likes shopping!)and than it was bath time, story than bed!

Dec 31st

   Happy New Years Eve! Christian played with the boys for a few hours this morning-it was a half day. Than he spent most of the afternoon playing with me and all his new toys in his room! We worked on building towers out of blocks and playing with his new "Stinky the Dumptruck" toy. (He talks and lights up, drives, etc). Christian had macaroni & cheese with his dinner this evening and he ate the whole bowl! He has never liked it because of his sensory issuses and until today, I've never been able to get him to eat it! So yay for Christian! Normal bedtime tonight, Christian would not make it to midnight!

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