The Story Of Three: Feb 21 & 22

Friday, October 28, 2011

Feb 21 & 22

Its a new week!
Christian is working on matching triangles and rectangles at school! He did great at speech today, he was tired in the afternoon and a little cranky. He went to bed with no problem and slept like a rock.

Christian had his ENT appointment today (Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor). His left ear is infected again, which is what I figured. The doctor said the tube is wedged down in his ear and a little bit of skin is starting to grow over it. She prescribed him antibiotics and ear drops. We go back on the 14th of March for the Doctor to look at his ear, and if the infection has cleared up, than we will schedule surgery. They are going to pull out the old tubes and put in two new ones. The Doctor said its common for children to have a couple sets of tubes, this is Christian's 2nd set and hopefully the last!

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