The Story Of Three: Having Lunch W/Daddy Chris At Work

Friday, October 28, 2011

Having Lunch W/Daddy Chris At Work

So Monday we decided to go meet Chris up at his work and all go out to lunch together. Well Christian had a pretty good morning and was in a good mood until we got up to his work. The noise level was pretty loud (kids playing, talking, etc) and he was not happy. He plugged his ears and refused to stay inside while we were waiting on Chris.  We've been in his work before and not had an issue so i'm not sure what threw him off so much today. So we decided to eat lunch at Double Dave's Pizza just up the street, it's like a fancy Cici's lol. Christian was much happier here, he likes instant food or a buffett and of course pizza!:) We were eating lunch a little later than usual and I think just everything was overwhelming to him until he was able to have something to focus on, like the pizza. Christian enjoyed his lunch, he ate two slices of pizza and alot of dessert!

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