The Story Of Three

Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm sure i'm forgetting so many things, but we all enjoy watching Caitlin grow and learn every day. She is such a smart and happy baby. I just love her! She is our Princess! :)

She is exploring and becoming a big girl. Caitlin is crawling, pulling up onto furniture and getting around the house. We've tried to baby proof to the best of our ability, we just don't ever leave her alone. Theres no telling what she could find to get into! Caitlin is eating stage three jar food along with regular/solid food. Pancakes, fruit, peas, etc. We started off with the softer foods first, than went crunchy. She also has a wide variety of snacks, from yogurt bites to little crunchies(like mini cheetos with out the orange), etc. Caitlin drinks about 7 ounces of formula with every meal, we've also introduced a little water here and there-espically with this heat!

Caitlin's first word was Dada, but soon after came Mama :) She tries to say bye bye, brother and dog. Caitlin waves to everyone, she loves that she can wave and clap!

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