The Story Of Three: It's March!

Friday, October 28, 2011

It's March!

This past week was just one of those weeks! Christian had a good week overall, since its a new month, his therapy is back on schedule and were not trying to get caught up anymore. All the bad weather in Febuary through his schedule off for sessions. Hopefully we will get to meet his new behavioral therapist soon, we are very excited and we are anxious to see what she has to offer Christian.

He had class pictures Thursday and they didnt go so well. Last year he did great and they turned out soo cute! He wasnt even able to do an individual this year because of anxiety and putting his fingers in his ears, his teacher said he did class picture but they had to take several. So we'll see how they turned out!

Christian had his first play date on Saturday! I wasn't sure how he would act because its a friend from school, but new places and new driving routes throw him off and it did. Once we turned on the main street he started kicking the back of the seat and I knew from that point I was going to have a hard time with him. Once we got inside he hesitated for a while and stood by the door with his fingers in his ears. It took him a few minutes to realize who was around him and than he slowly settled in. I was able to have a close up with the Ipad, I don't know anyone else who owns one and I am very interested in getting one for Christian. I think with my help it could really benefit him. I also downloaded a new app on my Iphone for Christian to use on spelling and creating words. I think everyone enjoyed themselves on the play date and was so glad it all worked out!

Christian doesn't like a big change in his routine and is hesitant about new places but he is easy to adjust. Espically if there is calm and friendly faces close by :)

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