The Story Of Three: January 22nd & 23rd

Friday, October 28, 2011

January 22nd & 23rd

The Weekend-
  Christian had a great weekend! He got to go shopping and visit with family & friends! We went out to lunch Saturday and he did great! When we used to go out to eat it was a big deal, he doesn't like the noise, the crowds, etc. Sometimes he would have meltdowns and we'd have to take him outside of the restaurant. Now he does just fine! There's certain places he favors over others, but overall he enjoys the time out!
   Sunday we attended Daddy Chris' hockey game in Denton and I think Christian enjoyed it. He hasn't been to a hockey game in a while, but he watched for a little bit than wanted to run around and play. He put his fingers in his ears alot because its so loud, especially when they hit the wall, etc. He did great on the car ride there and back, (About a 40min drive) just looked out his window at the different scenery.
   He is enjoying the apps I bought him on my Iphone, one is a flash card app, the other is a story time app. He loves to read! Overall it was a very nice weekend and I am so proud of my little man!

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