The Story Of Three: January 24th & 25th

Friday, October 28, 2011

January 24th & 25th

Well Christian woke up Monday morning with a runny nose. His teacher said he had a good morning and after school he came home and did he usual lunch/nap routine. When he woke up from nap he was horse and had a rough cough, he didn't look good at all. So Grandma took him into the doctor and turns out he has an upper respiratory infection. The doctor called him out an antibiotic and he took his first dose Monday night before bed. Christian gets sick quite often, even though he takes vitamins, supplements and practices good hygiene. I think its just part of being a kid, plus the Texas weather does not help. My aunt mentioned probiotics, which he gets some in his daily shake he drinks, but its possibly he needs to take in more. So I will look at Sprouts next time I go.

Christian stayed home from school today, just to get some rest and let the antibiotics do their work. You would of never noticed he was sick considering he was up at 5:50 am ready to play :) He still has a slight cough but overall looks much better already! He will return to school Wednesday.

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