The Story Of Three: January 3rd & 4th

Friday, October 28, 2011

January 3rd & 4th

Jan 3rd

  Hooray for Monday! Lots to do today before Christian returns back to school tomorrow. Christian got his hair cut today and helped me do laundry and get his school backpack ready for Tuesday. He is feeling much better today, still a little runny nose, but Christian doesn't let much slow him down! After nap time we went and played with his two new friends. I made enchiliadas for dinner and Christian ate till he almost exploded! lol. He loves hispanic/mexican food! After dinner was the usual routine, we were all tired from a busy day and we all have to be up early tomorrow!

Jan 4th

  First day back at school after a long winter break!! Christian was excited to goto school, but once we arrived, he didn't want to go into his classroom! Luckily, his teacher was there to welcome him and help him get in! :) He had a great morning at school, came home and ate lunch, than a quick nap before we had to leave. Christian was very energetic yesterday afternoon, I wish he would share some lol! Overall, it was a great day! So glad for everybody to be back in the normal routine! It makes such a difference, espically to Christian! 11 days from today-Christian will be big #5!! :)


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