The Story Of Three: January 5th & 6th

Friday, October 28, 2011

January 5th & 6th

Jan 5th

  Second day back at school and things are rolling smoothly! Yay for Christian getting back into the swing of things! Christian is growing up fast and I can't believe he is almost 5! Christian has overcome alot, but has so much more ahead of him. I know we can get him talking & I know we have God standing behind us in this journey! I found some information on the Autism Walk today and we are considering doing it. I also found an interesting article I thought i'd share-

Jan 6th

  Hello Thursday! Christian had another great morning at school! Each day his teacher sends a note home in his spiral along with communicating with me every day. He enjoyed playing with his friends today in the gym, he loves the gym-for several reasons, but it echo's and the ball bounces higher! After a long nap and an afternoon playing with the boys, we came home to visit with Grandma & uncle.

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