The Story Of Three: January 7th, 8th & 9th

Friday, October 28, 2011

January 7th, 8th & 9th

Jan 7th

  Busy Busy Busy Friday! Christian had a fun filled day at school this morning! A few friends had birthdays, so they celebrated with cookies, yum! :) Christian had speech today, it was his first session since we've started back up. So it will take some time getting used too, but he did well with her. We are pushing the sign language along with verbal skills. The issue we run into is that Christian doesnt sit or stand still long enough to focus on anything for more than just a few seconds. He's very active, and thats just the way he is. Some would suggest to change his diet to a gluten free but we've tried, he doesn't eat all the nonsense, because I dont buy it lol. He eats healthy for the most part, I do pay attention to high fructose corn syrup, etc. I do buy some of his snacks at Sprouts, thats also where I buy his supplements. You really have to rule out any and all distractions if you want him to pay attention to you for a long period of time. So another goal we have been working on :)

Celebrating Friend's Birthdays At School

Jan 8th

  One week from today, Christian will be 5! Can you believe it! My baby boy is a big boy! Christian spent most of the morning running errands with me and grandma today. We had alot to get done. Christian does great in the car, he loves car rides! After lunch, he took a nap and we worked on flashcards and read some of his new books when he woke up. His Dad came over to visit this evening, (he ususally see's him once a week). They enjoy their time together, Christian does really well with him and has fun playing! :) Christian had his favorite pizza for dinner and than it was time to clean up and off to bed.

Jan 9th

   Rain, rain & more rain! It rained all night and its supposed to all day, hopefully it will snow! We stayed inside today, its too cold and with this yucky weather I didn't want to risk getting Christian sick! By the afternoon we got some light flurries of snow, but it was not cold enough to stick! I registered for the Autism Walk in April and here are some links if anyone would like to join/donate. We are super excited about the walk & i'm ordering customized t-shirts this week!


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