The Story Of Three

Friday, October 28, 2011

Lots going on, the countdown has begun! 2 weeks from today Caitlin will be big #1 and a week from tomorrow is her big party! Caitlin has had a really great week, she's like a parrot. She tries to say everything we say, its really cute. We did some shopping, visited with a few different family members during the week and had a quick visit to the duck pond today! 

Christian has had a great week! I think school is wearing him out! Lol. By 6:30pm he can barely keep his eyes open and by 7pm he is usually asleep (during the week days atleast). Some of his art work was sent home today and there is so much improvement, I can tell my little guy is growing up! I still have not heard about his fall field trip, but he is supposed to have one still as far as I know of. He only has one more swim session left after tomorrow, I am sad, we have enjoyed it very much-but I plan on registering him again next summer! Christian had picture day at school today, so hopefully he smiled really big! :)

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