The Story Of Three: September 10th 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

September 10th 2011

Christian is enjoying school, he looks so big walking into school with his backpack on every day! I still can't believe he attends all day! The past couple mornings he has been acting shy when we first walk in his classroom door, than after he hangs his backpack up, he is off to explore and doesn't even notice me leave! They were able to get a touch screen computer for his classroom which he loves! (He played on it alot last year in Pre-k) He also loves Chicka Chicka Boom Boom & his classroom has a copy, it's one of his favorite favorite books! We've gone through several copies! Christian is doing well with his lunch/snacks at school, he is buying his lunch once a week and is enjoying it :) I plan on visiting his school and having lunch with him on Monday! :) 

Caitlin had her first major ouchie the other evening! She is so curious and loves to explore in this crawling-pre walking stage of hers! We were in her room playing and she was standing up using her Leapfrog Table (
& she fell down and landed on her bottom but in the process slammed her chin into the table. That caused her bottom tooth to puncture a hole in her upper gum right underneath her top lip. She cried so hard! I picked her up instantly after it happened and immediately I noticed her mouth was bleeding. But it wasnt just like dripping it was pouring out blood. I thought maybe she just bit her lip, because I couldnt see with all of the blood exactly how bad it was. I got a dish towel and applied pressure, Caitlin was still very upset and by this point I had called 911 and spoke with MedStar on what to do next.  Medstar showed up with the Fireman and checked her out, tried to take her vitals but she was still too upset. They were able to look in her mouth and see the size of the hole-it was a pretty good one too! But they stated that the doctors very rarely will stitch up the mouth because it heals so fast and that we would already notice a difference by morning. So the bleeding had come to a stop and we kept a very close eye on Caitlin all night long. Thankfully by morning, yes it looked much better. It was better to be safe than anything and that was probably the easiest call the Fireman and Medstar have had all day! Lol.

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