The Story Of Three: September 26th

Friday, October 28, 2011

September 26th

Christian had another great week at school, he is really enjoying it! His teacher mentioned the other day he is coloring/drawing (which he is not a big fan of) and she complimented him on how well he was doing in the classroom! :) He uses his picture schedule/binder at school and does very well with it. We are looking into a few different things for him, we are going to have a speech/sign language therapist come out once a week and teach Christian and I new sign's. We are really going to push the sign language and the picture schedule's. We are also going to create him a new picture schedule/binder for here since we took the original one to school for him to use while he is there. I also looked into information in getting Christian enrolled in soccer, however this season is full and has already started so the association starts taking applications in December for the Spring season. It's a special needs soccer program run in Arlington, I think he will enjoy it alot! He is still in swim lessons but it ends at the end of October, he will join that again next summer! :) Christian had a really good weekend, I had surgery on Friday and Great Grandma and Grandma were here visiting and helping with Christian and his little sister. Christian enjoys visiting with family and it didnt seem to bother him that his routine was thrown off by staying home all weekend! We have an ARD meeting Wednesday morning at Christian's school, so I will meet with his teachers and therapists and dicuss goals, new goals, etc. So we shall see how that goes! :)

Caitlin is growing fast! She learned to say "Ga-Ga" over the weekend, this is what she calles my mother instead of Grandma. It is so cute! Caitlin enjoyed visiting with her Great-Grandmother this weekend and her "Ga-Ga". They both helped out with Caitlin and her brother since I had surgery on Friday. Caitlin also got another tooth in, and she is trying to bite with those teeth. Of course we are teaching her that it is not ok to use her teeth that way. Caitlin loves to play with everything in the house, from the toys in Big Brother's room to my flip flops if I happen to leave them out!

She had spaghetti the other night and made a mustache-it was cute! She loves to feed herself!

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