The Story Of Three: Shopping Deals For The Day

Friday, October 28, 2011

Shopping Deals For The Day

I made a quick stop at Kohls today, was looking for a fleece pull over for Christian and in deed I found one! So, I'm sharing my deal of the day :) The pull over was on sale and the last one in the color I wanted and size! So I purchased it and saved $9 since it was on sale. Christian is in bigger boy sizes instead of the toddler sizes, and the price difference is shocking sometimes! (Can't they stay little forever!) I was sad I did not have a Kohls coupon, but I signed up at the check out and will hopefully start recieving them soon! Kohls also has on their website, 99 cent shipping for any item! Not sure how long it will last but thats a great deal as well! :) 

I love coupons! I hardly go shopping or anywhere without a coupon for the item I intend to purchase! Sooo-that being said- I am making Caitlin's birthday cake and cupcakes and using fondant on them as well. So I gathered up a few coupons for 40% off an item at michael's and went and purchased a few boxes of fondant! I saved a little over $3 a box which is great! Thats $12 in savings! :) Of course I probably could of taken the easier route and bought a store bought-ready cake but what fun is that? :) I can't wait to show you pictures of her cake and cupcakes for Saturday's party!

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