The Story Of Three: Shopping Deals

Friday, October 28, 2011

Shopping Deals

I have a HUGE HUGE HUGE addiction! I love to shop! Espically for my kido's! So I thought i'd share today's shopping deals :)
I got Caitlin a dress at Kid to Kid and Christian 2 long sleeve shirts and a winter pajama set and used my store credit!(Which I forgot I even had!) :) All name brands by the way! My next stop was Ross (which I don't love as much but I occasionally visit)-I got a shirt for Caitlin and an outfit that had a top w/matching leggings, both were on clearance for 99cents! Wow! Even the lady that ran the register was like thats a good deal! :)

Kids grow so fast and I'm so glad that there are stores like these that exist! I am a big fan of Ebay as well but my favorite brands for Caitlin & Christian is Carters & Old Navy!

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