The Story Of Three: Shopping Trip

Friday, October 28, 2011

Shopping Trip

So with everybody getting ready for back to school and returning to school schedules, my Mom has become very busy. She usually runs errands with all of us and helps me with Christian and his little sister. Some days they are perfect and others are handfulls :) But thats ok! So its very rare that I take the kids out by myself-but since my Mom has returned to her school schedule, I took them shopping with me today. We went to Walmart early this morning and did grocery shopping and they were great! Caitlin rode in the front as she usually does and Christian was a big helper! He helped me push the cart and I gave him items to "Slam Dunk" into the shopping cart. He occasionally would hold my hand or let go for just a second, run around the cart and come back to grab my hand. The shopping trip took a little longer than usual, but that was ok. I was very proud of him for helping so much and for making the shopping trip fun :)

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