The Story Of Three

Friday, October 28, 2011

So proud of my Princess! For the past month-maybe month and a half-I have been introducing cows milk to Caitlin. Starting out mixing it with formula just an ounce at a time, and just seeing how her body adjusted. (Big Brother is on lactose free milk). So Caitlin has been doing really well with the cows milk and we are on day two of no more formula and 100% cows milk! Also she has been slowly transitioning from the Avent Bottle to a Playtex Sippy Cup. She is also on day two of 100% sippy and no bottle! She is doing wonderful! So, no more bottles, or half a dozen pieces lol and no more cans of formula! (Which are not cheap and hers could only be bought at BabiesRus!) Way to go Caitlin!

I am so happy to announce we will be walking again for Autism Speaks on Saturday November 12th! The location is much closer than last time! (We walked in Abilene!) For more information on the walk and donations, please follow the link!

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