The Story Of Three: Traffic, Lights, Train..

Friday, October 28, 2011

Traffic, Lights, Train..

So as most of you know, Christian is full of energy, a non-stop kid! He feels the same way about cars! Car rides at times are fun for Christian and others are frustrating. When the car is moving Christian is content, just staring out the window in awe of his surrondings. But when I have to hit the brakes, its all over. A typical drive down Beach goes something like this- Traffic, 98% of the time heavy traffic. We usuallly hit every red light and 98% of the time we encounter a train. Everytime I hit the brakes in traffic, Christian looks away from the window and at me with a confused look on his face & I know exactly what that look says. (Mommy no stop, go! ) Sometimes he even fussess or will hit his head up against his carseat, as to signal to me- find the gas pedal! Every red light we come too, he leans as far as he can to the side of his carseat and stares at the light, waiting for it to change. See he understands, green means go, he doesn't fuss at stop lights as long as he can see the colors and what their about to change to. Ah Trains- Where we live we have to cross several sets of train tracks several times a day. Christian enjoys seeing the train go by, as it flies down the track. Most of the time he will point and mummble something (I'm assuming the word Train). Weather permitting I will roll down his window so he can hear the different noises, the horn, the wheels against the track, he enjoys this. Most of the time I keep snacks or a juice box in the car, so if he gets to overwhelmed or I know its going to take a while to come home, I can buy some time. Don't laugh but majority of car rides consists of "The Wonder Pets" cd playing over and over. Who doesn't love cute, plush, superhero animals?! I love my Christian, everyday he makes me smile! :)

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