The Story Of Three: Week Of April 11th

Friday, October 28, 2011

Week Of April 11th

Christian was not feeling to well on Sunday the 10th, so Monday I took him into the doctors and he has an upper resportary infection along with a bad cough. His baby sister was diagnosed with RSV the previous Thursday, so the doctor thinks that may have a part in him getting sick. She prescribed him antibiotics and a cough medicine and within 24 hours he was feeling much better. The doctor is concerned about his weight though but I assured her he eats healthy and all day at that :) Usually when he gets sick is when he looses weight, and he kind of just slows down. His cough lingered around for several days, but other than that he returned to his normal schedule of school and therapy. I've added more healthy carbs and fruits to his daily routine so hopefully that will help. He is just a little guy with a little frame, he's petite lol. But Christian is not too bad, for being 5 he is wearing size 5 clothes and some 5/6 depending on the brands, etc.
Were starting to push the potty training more at school and at home, thats always been an obstacle. But we will eventually overcome it!
Christian had a busy weekend, we spent most of the day at grandma's (my mom's) and helped her around the house and ran some errands. It was beautiful Saturday so he was able to play in her huge backyard most of the day, which he absolutely loved! Sunday we went to church and he had a wonderful play date that afternoon!
I'm waiting to hear back from Christian's school teacher on an ARD meeting before school is over to discuss next year, goals, etc. He will be graduating in May and starting all day kindergarten in August! I can't believe it!

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