The Story Of Three: Week Of April 3rd

Friday, October 28, 2011

Week Of April 3rd

Christian had such a fabulous weekend with the Autism Walk! We spent Sunday relaxing and just catching back up on things after spending most of the day in Abilene Saturday. Monday was Lucas' birthday (my youngest brother) so we went to Braum's and had ice cream with the family. Christian shared a sundae with me and loved it! It was a nice treat!
Christian had a really good week, everything ran smoothly with school and therapy. He is doing great with his notebook that his speech therapist created for him! He's trying to say new words and sounds everyday which is super exciting! I'm estactic! :) Orders went out for school t-shirts, so I ordered him one and I got information on his upcoming field trip! I'm excited to take him back to lets jump! I wanted to do some fun stuff outdoors over the weekend but baby sister got sick with RSV on Thursday and went down hill from there, than Christian got sick on Saturday. So he spent the weekend relaxing and trying to get to feeling better. We spent time in doors out of the wind and weather and just enjoyed the family time.

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