The Story Of Three: Week Of January 16th

Friday, October 28, 2011

Week Of January 16th

Christian has had a very busy week, well we all have! He had a wonderful birthday over the weekend, he got to visit with family and friends! Monday Christian did not have school so it was a full day of fun! Christian has had his usual therapy all week and is doing great, he focuses better if he is sitting down-its easier for him to stay in one place this way.

Christian loves to play on the computers at school and i've slowly started to introduce him to a few games on my laptop. He loves Nick Jr & The WonderPets, so he has a lot of fun! He also plays a few apps on my iphone!

We are working really hard with Christian, every day is filled with new activities and routines to help him improve. Our main goals right know are obviously talking/or someform of communication-sign language, etc & potty training.

Overall, Christian had a wonderful week & is just enjoying being a happy little boy!

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