The Story Of Three: Weight

Friday, October 28, 2011


I weighed Christian today and he is 37.5 pounds. But he is tall, he has long legs, so if you look at him, you don't see a 37.5 pound little boy. Christian is always on the go and he loves food and like every other kid of course adores his favorites! But I need to do some research and find a "really" healthy way for him to put on some healthy weight. He has always been under the 40 pound mark and the doctor always gives me a hard time. He is just a very active kido. He is wearing the normal size for his age as far as clothes and for his safety he is still in a 5 point harness carseat.

Caitlin weighs in at 17 pounds and is 12 days away from her first birthday! :) Caitlin goes back to the doctor November 2nd for her one year check up, weigh in and of course a shot :( The doctor's have said before in previous visits that she is a little small for her age but she's still healthy :)

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Rose-Marie said...

sounds like you are trying your best. this post was a while ago, perhaps he's filled out a little. I know many little kids who aren't very hefty when they were little, but gained weight when they weren't growing taller as fast. (they started to fill out "sideways"!!!