The Story Of Three

Friday, October 28, 2011

Well Blogspot had some issues and erased Thursdays blog. So, let me retype it!

Christian had his surgery yesterday morning. He had his 2nd set of tubes put in and hopefully his last! He was pretty miserable when we first got to the hospital, he did not like all the nurses trying to take his vitals and what not. They ended up giving him a medicine to help him relax, than they were able to get everything done. He was given gas medicine to help him sleep during the surgery and I was able to stay with him until right up when they took him away to put his tubes in. The surgery itself is like 5 minutes long if that lol, once he started waking up I was able to go in and sit with him. It took Christian about 20 minutes to come too and drink some juice, than we were able to take him home. It was perfect weather for hanging out in our pj's and relaxing all day and thats exactly what we did! Christian got plenty of rest and he sure needed it! Thanks for everyone who was keeping him in your thoughts and prayers yesterday!

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