The Story Of Three: What A Way To Start Off February!

Friday, October 28, 2011

What A Way To Start Off February!

It's only the beginning of February and we've already started trouble! lol. The school districts where closed Tuesday & Wednesday and will be closed tomorrow also. So Christian has had 3 days off of school! He's been a busy little guy and I know he will be excited to finally get out of the house on Friday. He is not the type of kido who likes to be cooped up for too long. He loves the outdoors! I did take him out Tuesday morning but the snow/ice was too cold for him and we didn't stay out long.

This evening Christian was getting ready for bed and he usually brushes his teeth before bathtime. Well this has always been a battle, although its gotten easier over time. So I decided instead of trying it out tonight we would do something different. I want Christian to enjoy things and to not think of certain things as a chore but to just have fun. So I let him brush his teeth in the bath tub, and guess what he loved it! He didn't fight me, nor did it seem to bother him as much. I'm sure its because he was distracted and he loves bath time so it made it easy. Why didn't I think of this before? lol :)

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