The Story Of Three: November 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Honey Kix Cereal

Have You Seen This Amazing Cereal?Have You Tried It?

While shopping with out the kidos last night (it doesnt happen very often), I went down the ceral isle. The kidos usually stick to Honey Nut Cheerios but I thought I'd try Kix. I loved them when I was younger, so while I was looking for the Original Kix, I found these Honey Kix! Can you say YUM!? I knew my kids would love them! So this morning, I put them to the test. Yup, I was right. They ate them so fast, I was dishing out seconds before I could even ask if  "it was good".  I think when I go out again tomorrow, I will stop and pick up another box or two! Be sure to check out for nutrition information and more!

Wednesday Challenge

Are ya ready? I have a Wednesday Challenge for YOU!

I have been trying for a month or two or more maybe lol to get my numbers of followers/likes up on my blog. So today I present this challenge to YOU! I'd like to get 50 Followers on my Blog and 50 Likes on my Facebook Page by Wednesday the 7th. That gives YOU a Week! I will not only have one giveaway but I will host two giveaway's for reaching to those numbers.  I will host a giveaway on here and a giveaway using my Facebook page!

It Must be 50 Followers and 50 Likes (or more of course) to have either Giveaway! I will give more details on the Giveaway's as it gets closer!

So please spread the word!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thank You!

Just want to say a big big Thank You to Rain Tees and Thrifty Nifty Mommy! My first win on a blog giveaway! I'm so excited and can not wait to receive my shirt from Rain Tees! Be sure to check them out on Facebook! :)

Good Morning Tuesday!
How is your Christmas shopping coming along? I have my two littles one checked off my list, just have to finish getting gifts for the others on my list :) Wanted to share some decorations around our house! I'm hoping to put up lights outside around the house as well and maybe a few indoor decorations. I'm not finished with our tree yet, so you'll have to wait for picture's of that! We have been super busy, but anyways-Enjoy!

Mr Snowman Door Hanger

Sparkly Ornament

Snowman Dish On Stove
Tree Skirt

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanks Mail Carrier!

Thanks Mail Carrier is giving away a $40 gift certificate to Something About Silver Hand Stamped Jewlrey! I really like the Tiny Tags Necklace! They have such adorable things! Be sure to check out Thanks Mail Carrier's blog and facebook page on how to enter the giveaway!

Happy Cyber Monday! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Be sure to check out Melissa and Doug on Facebook today, they are hosting a giveaway every hour! Make sure to tell them IHeart-Motherhood sent ya!

I wanted to share the last few words from Sunday morning's service-

You Have A Story, So Tell It

Our Pastor is correct, we all have a story, some stories are longer than others some are more tragic than others. Whatever your story is and wherever it takes place, just remember God is there with  you.

Here is a short version of our story (focusing on Christian)-

I had my oldest at 19 and when he turned 2 he was diagnosed with Autism, since than we have had therapy sessions, doctor visits and lots of obstacles/challenges, I met my wonderful Husband the Summer of 2009 and we were Married March 2010. We adopted a Lab named Pepper around August 2010 and than Our baby Girl arrived October 2010. We are always raising Autism Awareness and we have participated in two different walks for Walk Now For Autism Speaks. Our household is never quite (ok maybe when everyone is asleep) but busy and fun. :) We will continue this journey through Autism for Christian as a family and spread Awareness on the way. We have God walking with us and we are so Grateful to have our Family's support and prayers every step of the way.

So what is your Story? 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just a reminder! 50 Followers on my Blog or 50 Likes on my Facebook Page!


Saturday Mix Up

I made easy breezy rice krispie treats for the kidos the other day :) They were a big hit, even Grandma had to have some! Glad we bought enough ingredients to make another batch!

At Krogers, we bought two bags of mini marshmallow's $1.00 a bag, butter, and a box of rice krispie cereal. A fun and easy snack for under $5.00! We used one bag of mini marshmallows, 1/4 cup of butter and 6 cups of cereal to make one batch-it made an entire tray :) I think the entire snack took 5 minutes to make and my Big Guy loves marshmallows because their gluten free so I knew right away he'd want to try it as soon as it cooled off!

We went to the Parks Mall in Arlington this morning, I went into BareMinerals Makeup store, I love love their products and I wont wear anything else on my face! :) Anyways, I got a free sample of foundation just for asking! There was also a candy stand, called Love Candy that was handing out free yummy samples and a coupon as well. Hubby tried the Love Candy and of course Loved it! It's all natural dark chocolate! Be sure to check out their facebook page!

It has turned super windy and chilly, the cool front blew in, I'm glad we got our errands done this morning! I think it's a grilled cheese and soup kind of night, and maybe hot cocoa later! (Wish we had a fireplace!)

How is your Saturday going?

What's In Your Mailbox?

I recieved another great freebie in my mailbox today! Woohoo! Back a few weeks ago when McDonalds was playing Monopoly, I had ordered chicken nuggets for the kidos, and won a $5 Walmart Giftcard! It arrived in the mail today! Yay me! :) I love getting free items in my mailbox! What have you gotten for free in your mailbox lately?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Friday!

Did everyone get up early and go shopping? I did not, I slept in just a little bit :) If you were brave enough to shop early today, hope you found the great deals you were looking for! We had so much fun with family and we were so full and exhausted, there was no way I was getting out of bed at 4 am today lol. I actually did alot of my Christmas shopping online this past week, and found great deals in every purchase, so I am very pleased! My big guy doesnt return to school till Monday, so today were going to decorate the house in a Christmas theme and help Grandma (my mom) decorate hers as well. Were also going to the Parade downtown tonight, this will be a first for the kidos and I hope they will love it! This year has flown by so fast, and I cant believe we have started the count down to Christmas!

Precious Moments Captured During Our Thanksgiving Event :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas Picture's

The kidos took Christmas picture's at Target today! We love them, they are so patient with Christian and always do a wonderful job!

Happy Hump Day!

It's Wednesday! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Wow! Are you ready!?  

Day 7 Of Thanks-Count Down To Thanksgiving Complete

On Day 7 of Thanks, I am Thankful to be able to spend Thanksgiving Day with the ones I love. To celebrate a wonderful holiday with my Family, gathering around a table full of delicious food! I am Thankful to relax and enjoy the time we have together on this Day and the memories I will take home with me. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember you always have something to be Thankful for.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shopping Deal

Old Navy Shopping Deal!

Today I went to Old Navy and saved alot! I actually bought clothes for myself this time! Yay me! :) I love love love Old Navy! So here's the breakdown-

Womens Half Zip Fleece Pullover In Hot Pink (Of Course)-$6.36

Short Sleeve Striped Dress Shirt-$6.35

Long Sleeve Striped Waffle Crew Shirt-$4.76

Mens Long Sleeve Stripe Crew (Hubby Picked Out)-$5.03

Total Spent Was $24.36 & Total Savings Was $58.82! 

Hello Tuesday!

Enjoying the rain on Tuesday, gathering last minute stuff from the stores before the cooking starts tomorrow and cleaning around the house. What are you doing to prepare for Thanksgiving? Any special dishes you are looking forward too?

Day 6 Of Thanks-Count Down To Thanksgiving

On Day 6 of Thanks, I am Thankful for Rain (Mother Nature). We live in Texas and this year we haven't seen alot of rain, the drought has ruined crops, effected livestock, and altered alot of people's life styles. We received some much needed rain last night and hopefully more today. I am so Thankful that Mother Nature is giving us rain and cooler temperature's. Praying for more rain, but I am Thankful for what were getting at the moment :) 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanks Mail Carrier

Thanks Mail Carrier is hosting another giveaway! Thanks Mail Carrier is giving one lucky person their choice of a pair of Em's 4 Kids or Em's 4 Bubs! Be sure to check out her blog and facebook page for more information!

-Thanks Mail Carrier!

Smashed Peas And Carrots

Smashed Peas and Carrots is one of many blogs I follow and she is hosting a giveaway! Smashed Peas and Carrots is giving away a $50 gift card! Be sure to check out her blog and facebook page for more information!

Thanks Smashed Peas and Carrots!



Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a nice weekend! Are you ready for Thanksgiving? It's just a few days away! I am so glad I dont have the job of cooking a Turkey this year! Our schedule is busy enough this week lol. Be sure to check out the posts from over the weekend to see what was free in my mail box and some great shopping deals!

Also want to wish my cousin Cassie a very Happy Birthday! :)

Day 5 Of Thanks-Counting Down To Thanksgiving

On Day 5 of Thanks, I am Thankful for Doctor's, Hospital's and Insurance. I am Thankful they are there when our children or ourselves get sick. I am Thankful that there are places like Cook Childrens who prioritize in putting children's health first. I am Thankful that companies provide insurance, and that my children have it for when they get sick, routine doctor visits or to refill a medication. I am Thankful to be able to choose the Pediatrician I want my children to see, after all they are a big part of our lives. My big guy was sick over the weekend and I am so Thankful that I was able to take him to get the care he needed, the care he deserved and the medication to help him feel better.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanks Mail Carrier!

One of my favorite blogs, Thanks Mail Carrier is hosting another giveaway! :) Thanks Mail Carrier is giving away a Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps from Stampin' Up! How cool is that!? You would have so much fun with these! Be sure to check out her blog and Facebook page for more information!

Shopping Deals!

FurReal Friends Cookie My Playful Pup is on sale at Walmart for $39.00 and in Sunday's paper there is a $5.00 off coupon you can clip

Phiips Norelco Razor is on sale at Walmart for $159.00 and in Sunday's paper there is a $30.00 off coupon you can clip

Target has a $5 off coupon you can clip in Sunday's paper on any Disney Princess Toy $19 or higher, Any Barbie Toy $19 or higher, Any Nerf Blaster Toy $19 or higher, any Hot Wheels Toys $19 or higher and Any Little People Toy $19 or higher. You can use these coupons online or in stores.

Target has a 20% off coupon for a Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Toy. You can use this online or in stores

Target has a $30 off coupon for a Vizio Wi-Fi enabled Blue Ray Player. You can use this online or in stores

Target has a $30 off coupon for a HP PhotoSmart Plus Printer. You can use this online or in stores

Target has a $10 off coupon on a purchase $25 or higher for Paula Deen cookware. You can use this online or in stores

Be Sure To Pick Up Sunday's Paper and Get The Target Ad! Wow!
Lots of  great shopping deals and I'm sure there are tons more with Black Friday around the corner! Are you shopping on Friday? How do you best deal with the crowds and traffic?

Counting Down To Thanksgiving

Day 4 Of Thanks-Counting Down To Thanksgiving

On Day 4 of Thanks, I am Thankful for Prayer, Religion, Freedom of Religion and Jesus Christ. I am Thankful that I can choose which Church I want to attend and I am so proud to say I attend Northwood Church. I am so Thankful that Northwood offers a Special Needs program, that I can attend Church service and know that my two little ones are learning about God and Jesus Christ just down the hall from me! I am Thankful to attend Church every Sunday morning to Praise and Worship. Prayer is so strong, God is so Mighty and he works in Marvelous ways, I am so Thankful for him and to know him.

What are you Thankful for? Check out my 7 Days Of Thanks HERE :)

What's In Your Mailbox?

I received this in my mailbox yesterday, I'm hoping to have lots of more free items heading my way :) What free items did you get?

Saturday, November 19, 2011


My Big Guy is sick :( He had his second set of tubes put in a few months ago, and one of the tubes fell out the other day I guess. Anyways, he has a pretty bad ear infection and I will contact the ENT on Monday but I have a feeling another surgery is in store for us. This will be Christian's third set of tubes, I think we are going to contact another ENT though and try to get a second set of opinions. Care Now fixed him up this morning and hopefully he will rest this weekend and be ready to go Monday. Next week is such a busy week for us, I am hoping and praying for a speedy recovery :) Also today, my suv over heated on the way home-it has never done this before, so Hubby looked at it and it looks like it will be going in the shop Monday morning.

How is everyone else's weekend going? What are you Thankful for as Thanksgiving approaches? Don't forget, once I reach to 50 followers/likes I will host a


Day 3 Of Thanks-Count Down Until Thanksgiving

On day 3 of Thanks, I am Thankful for the two reliable vehicles that are in our driveway. Thankful that we are able to drive them on a daily basis to wherever our heart desires. They get us to and from work, school, events, stores, etc. I am Thankful that they are safe and roomy to accommodate our family and or friends. I am Thankful that we were able to pick out the two vehicles we wanted, what was best and most convenient for our family.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Friday!

Hooray it's Friday! Were getting closer and closer to Thanksgiving!

Day 2 Of Thanks-Counting Down To Thanksgiving

On day 2 of Thanks, I am so Thankful for our house even though we rent (one day we will buy) -it's a roof over our head, it's shelter, warmth, comfort and were we can find relaxation with our loved ones. It's a place of peace, laughter and silence. It's where we can sit at the table as a family, on the couch cuddling or on the floor playing with the kidos. Our house stores our valuables, memories, fun family moments and so much more. 

What are you Thankful for?

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a great weekend! The next few days up until Thanksgiving I will be busy (more than usual lol) but will try to post alteast once a day! Don't forget to share with your friends, once I reach 50 followers on likes on Facebook I will host a giveaway! :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

7 Days Of Thanks

Are you excited?! Thanksgiving is one week away! Starting today I am doing the 7 Days of Thanks. Every day I will post on here and my Facebook page on what I am Thankful for all the way up to Thanksgiving Day! Feel free to post what you are Thankful for-either on my Facebook Wall or as a Comment here!

Day 1 Of Thanks-Counting Down Until Thanksgiving

I am Thankful for my Family, my wonderful Husband who works so hard so I dont have too, my Autistic son who is a wonderful blessing to us and my baby girl who is the cutest thing on earth! I love my Family, they are my everything and they come first in my life. I am Thankful to get up every morning and see their faces, to be a part of their days, to watch them grow and change and to experence life with them. I of course am Thankful for other members of my Family, like my wonderful Mother, who is always here to help or lend words of encouragment on this journey with Autism and Life. She is an amazing woman and I love her so much! We have a very large Family, and I am Thankful for each and every one of my Brothers, Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Happy Hump Day! 
Don't ya just love Wednesday's? It means the week is half way over and the weekend is closer! :) So how is your Wednesday going?

I had mentioned last week I was cleaning house to prepare for a Baby Shower that I was hosting...So, I packed up several boxes of clothes! 3 Full Diaper Boxes are going to be shipped to My Bestie who lives up north with two little ones, 1 huge Scentsy box was giving to my cousin as part of her baby shower gift (of course filled with clothes, blankets, a few toys, gently used hand me downs, etc), I took a box to Kid to Kid to sell, and last but not least I have a box of donate! (Usually I donate to Arc of North Texas or a local Church) Anyways, can you believe I had all of that in my house! Lol So I also organized the kidos rooms last week, just trying to make room for all of the upcoming Holidays/Birthdays. 

What do you do with your kidos things after they have out grown them? Do you donate, save for when your having your next bundle of joy or sell? 

So I had mentioned a few months ago when school started that my some what picky eater, well was being picky! He's come so far and doing so much better! I thought i'd share, what his lunch is like when he takes his lunch (4 days a week). Usually one day a week he buys, when the school is serving something like chicken nuggets or fish sticks lol. 

(Sorry Its Sideways, Computer Was Being Difficult)

Lunch- Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwhich- Nature's Own Wheat Bread, Creamy Peanut Butter & Homemade Strawberry Jelly (My Mom makes her own). 
           Sun Chips (We buy the variety healthy bag that has several options)
           Rasain's (He's not big on fruit/veggies) 
           Vanilla Cookies (I know not the healthiest, were going to be switching to gluten free/sugar free soon)
            Water (Not shown, he gets it from school)
Afternoon Snack- Caprisun (His favorite, so he's allowed one a day)
                          Kashi Bar 

Every week I try to buy a few different varieties, like maybe a new flavor of the Kashi Bars, etc, just to try to change things up a little bit. So what does your kido take for lunch at school? Any ideas to share?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thrifty Nifty Mommy!

I've added a few new buttons to my blog, today I also added Thrifty Nifty Mommy! She has tons and tons of giveaways going on, just in time for the holiday's! There's something for everyone! :) Check out her blog and her facebook page on how to enter and for more information!

Sharing Some Information On Tuesday

I came across these articles today and thought I would share, it seems we all go under alot of stress around the Holidays, with saving every penny we can to spend on gifts, (maybe even taking on extra shifts at work) making lists for gift shopping, baking, family events and more. So, how do you deal with holiday stress? I try to stay organized as possible, you ask how do I do that? I make lists, use sticky notes, my fridge calendar and my iphone! :)

Monday, November 14, 2011


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and I'm tired but the day must go on lol :) What did you do over the weekend?

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week! We have two to attend to this year and i'm so ready! I love the holidays and getting together with family and friends!

Oh and I wanted to announce that once I reach 50 followers on my blog and or on my facebook page, I will host a giveaway! It might be a sponsor page w/an ad, it could be a visa giftcard or even one of my autism bears and a bracelet! So share the news!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby Shower

Today I got the privilege of hosting my cousin's baby shower! We had so much fun! :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Picture's From This Morning's Walk For Autism Speaks! :)

Walk Now For Autism Speaks

It's walk day! We are so excited to be a part of Walk Now For Autism Speaks! :) I will post more pictures this afternoon/evening i'm sure! Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanks Mail Carrier!

Thanks Mail Carrier has an awesome giveaway going on at the moment for those of you with kidos! She is giving away an All In One Modern Kitchen and a $500 Guidecraft Gift Certificate! Can you say WOW! :) I think my kidos would love this kitchen and the Deluxe Art Center! Check out Thanks Mail Carrier to find out more information about this awesome giveaway and on how to enter! :)


Happy Veteran's Day & Happy Friday!
Thank you to all the men and women who have made an impact on our Country!

We have a busy weekend ahead! The Walk Now For Autism Speaks walk is tomorrow and I am hosting a Baby Shower for my Cousin on Sunday! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :)

Work Out Check In

So it's day two of Wii workout, I had kickball Tuesday night so I didn't work out than. But I did a variety of workouts last night and even unlocked some new ones! The Wii Fit is pretty cool! There is aerobics, yoga (which is new to me), strength training, balance and more! So after Tuesday nights kickball and Wednesday night's 30 minute mix-up work out, my legs were sore Thursday! Doing all of that and with my wonderfully busy schedule I'm going to try to walk (atleast on nice days) at the local trail/park with Caitlin in her stroller just for a change of scenery.

I have also adjusted my diet a little bit, I purchased The Biggest Loser Shakes today (At Walgreens), I got chocolate of course! Its a meal replacer shake, so once a day I will have one, probably for breakfast or lunch. I love dinner way to much to skip that lol. I will also be going to the store this weekend to look for The Biggest Loser Meals in the cold section.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Kidos

Christian has been doing great in school, his aid came back on Monday from maternity leave and I thought he might have a hard time adjusting since he hasnt seen her since meet the teacher night in August, but he's been doing really well! Hubby, I and Little Sister had breakfast Wednesday morning at Christian's school with him and we were able to visit with the teacher and watch him interact in the classroom! Less than two weeks and he will be on Thanksgiving Break! I'm so excited!

Caitlin is growing like a weed! She is the cutest thing on this earth and is my shopping buddy! She is always looking for something to get into around the house (because her room full of toys insnt enough lol), she loves playing in the kitchen cabinets. This week I worked on organizing everything, and we have kiddie proof locks on all of the cabinets but I still felt better if I moved all of the chemicals and anything harmful up and out of her reach, so that is what I did :)

It was chilly this morning so they were both bundled up and ready to take Christian off to school-

Thursday's Shopping Deals

The Princess and I took a little trip to Target this morning, I was on a mission to restock a few healthy snacks for my Big Guy's school lunches. (I love Target's all natural and organic varieties) Of course while we were there we had to check out the clothes, so heres what we found!

Two Striped Long Sleeve Shirts For Christian-Clearanced Down To $4.88 A Piece
A Pair Of Leggings W/A Long Sleeve Top To Match (Giving As A Gift)-Clearanced Down To $2.50 For Leggings & $4.20 For Shirt
Picture Frame For The House-Clearanced Down To $3.39
Betty Crocker Instant Mashed Potatoes (2 Count)-Marked Down To .89Cents A Box (I Bought Two Boxes)

So some savings here and there, this is not my normal shopping/grocery trip, usually I do that at Walmart so I can price match with ads and use my coupons.

Tracking Back To Tuesday

I'm going to back track a few days for just a moment than I will go onto today's post :) I forgot that I had taken pictures on Tuesday, we had some major storm clouds that looked like they were going to produce hail and such but we really only got rain and not a whole lot at that. We need rain so bad here and I'm hoping we get some more again soon. Anyways..Onto the picture's :) They were both taking with my Iphone, not bad huh lol

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So I mentioned earlier in the week that I have a very busy weekend ahead and I was cleaning my house top to bottom to prepare for it, well did I mention that it is exhausting? Lol. I always do my normal everyday "chores" but this week I focused on dusting, baseboards, walls, doors, etc. I also organized every room, cabinet, closet, drawer, etc. Yes I've been busy! I'm very picky about my chemicals with having two children around but I like to use wipes or clorox wipes (walmart brand works just as well) to clean and wipe down things with but I found there great for dusting too. The dust doesnt fly off anywhere and than just toss in the trash and go. With having kids around I have a package of wipes in almost every room, yes I'm that mom! :)

So when it comes to cleaning, sanitazing or dusting what do you use or have any products that are your favorite?

Also, I have been slowly trying to lose weight, I have cut back on my soda intake, Dr Pepper is biggest weakness! So overall I've lost 3 pounds with many more to go. But Hubby has hooked up the Wii Fit for me and I weighed/balanced myself yesterday and I am very excited to start using it and keeping track of my weight and workouts. I am determined to reach my goal weight, I have never been this big and I still have clothes in my closet I'd like to wear again :) So every once in a while I will put up a post about my workout or weight, etc.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thanks Mail Carrier

Thanks Mail Carrier is giving away a $25 gift certificate to Nautica! Be sure to check out Nautica's Holiday Well Wishes Photo Project on their Facebook page! Thanks Mail Carrier has lots of great giveaways going on, be sure to check out her blog and follow her on Facebook!

Sharing The Love On Tuesday

Be Sure To Check Out My Cousin's Blog Today, . She Is So Sweet & I Am So Blessed To Have Such A Wonderful Family! :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hello Monday

Good morning Monday! The weekend went by way to fast as it usually does! I think my children are having a hard time adjusting to the time change, so tonight I'm going to try to keep them up atleast a half hour to an hour later than the usual bed time and hopefully that will help. I made yummy yummy lasagna last night and at some point I forgot that I left it out to cool off before wrapping it and putting it in the fridge-well that never happen. I woke up this morning and found my lasagna sitting out :( So there will be no left overs today, I cant believe I did that! I will be busy cleaning house this week from top to bottom, and running a few last minute errands I need for Sunday. I am so excited to be hosting my cousins baby shower! I can't wait :)

Don't forget to check out Live Laugh L0ve , yup thats me on the left side of her page! I won her giveaway last week! :)

17 Days until Thanksgiving and I can't wait! :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday, I think I'm headed out to find some good coffee, What are your plans for today or for the week?

Thanks Mail Carrier!

Another giveaway! :) Thanks Mail Carrier is giving away a gift certifcate to Scented Shoelaces! Adorable shoelaces in the cutest deisgns, your little one would love these! Be sure to check out Thanks Mail Carrier for more information and on how to enter the giveaway! :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I have noticed 90% of stores are decorated with Christmas and everyone is in a cheerfully holiday mood! :) I love the holidays and this time of the year is wonderful and it's my favorite!There are lots of great sales going on everywhere and online too! I recently made a purchase at ToysRus and saved over 50% on a gift i'm storing away for Christmas!

This morning we stopped by the store and got a few things (of course had my coupons on hand as well!) than I took the kidos to a cousin's birthday party at an indoor bounce house/play area. Christian had a blast, although the noise level for him was a little too loud, we still enjoyed running around, eating yummy strawberry birthday cake and celebrating with the birthday girl! I think we are all exhausted and I feel like I ran 3 miles in that place chasing Christian! Lol

Be sure to check out Thanks Mail Carrier's blog and facebook page, there are alot of giveaway's and reviews going on at the moment! Oh and have you checked out my cousins blog? Live Laugh Love , I recently won her giveaway, yup thats me on the left side of her page! :)

What are your plans for the weekend? Have you started Christmas shopping? Do you use layway or have any special tricks that work to help save money on gifts?

Thanks Mail Carrier!

Thanks Mail Carrier is giving away a Monopoly, Electronic Banking Edition game! I loved playing Monopoly when I was younger along with a few others like Candy Land! :) This would make a great family game night game! Check out Thanks Mail Carrier's blog to find out more about this great giveaway and how to enter!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shopping Deal At Old Navy

After I printed my 30% off coupon, I ventured out to Old Navy with the kidos. I bought my little guy two pairs of jeans, a pair of work out pants for me and some leggings for the princess! My work out pants were already on clearance and than I used my coupon, so my out the door total was $32.95. My total savings was $22.04! It's not a huge amount, but I will take every penny I can save! I love finding great deals for my family!

Friendly Friday!

 Thanks Mail Carrier Is Hosting Friendly Friday!
What a cool way to meet fellow bloggers and make new friends!
If your visiting from Friendly Friday feel free to comment below and thank you for visiting
IHeart-Motherhood! :)

Thanks Mail Carrier!

Thanks Mail Carrier has done it again! She is having another giveaway i'd love to win! Thanks Mail Carrier is giving away a cute anamalz box set! To find out more about this giveaway visit Thanks Mail Carrier and enter for yourself as well! anamalz can be found on facebook or their website if your interested in finding out more about them!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Well Check Up & More-

Caitlin had her one year well check up today and she had to get a  couple of shots :( She was not happy! I gave her some baby tylenol so hopefully she sleeps it off! Caitlin weighs in at 18.5 pounds which is in the 10% area on the charts, but she is healthy and is just petite :) Her next well check up is at 15 months, so she doesnt have to return until Feburary.
Also, I will be checking into her dental insurance soon, I need to make Caitlin, her first dentist appointment! 

We have a pretty busy month ahead, with doctor/dentist appointments, birthday parties to attend,  our Autism Walk is approaching, I am hosting a baby shower and of course Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away! So...that being said-expect lots of pictures and posts (I will try to keep it down to two a day!) :) 

Did you see my post on the Tide Detergent? Wow! :) I treated the kidos to chicken nuggets yesterday and won a $5 Wal-Mart gift card! I was excited lol. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November!

Hope everyone and their little ones enjoyed Trick or Treating last night! Hubby & I took the kidos out and they both had a nice time! :)

Can't believe November is here already! I'm making my lists for food, this year we will attend two Thanksgiving's! So ready for great food and family time! We have also already started our Christmas shopping! (We don't do Black Friday-instead we spend that day decorating the house for Christmas). What does November hold for you and your family? Any Holiday traditions?