The Story Of Three: Honey Kix Cereal

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Honey Kix Cereal

Have You Seen This Amazing Cereal?Have You Tried It?

While shopping with out the kidos last night (it doesnt happen very often), I went down the ceral isle. The kidos usually stick to Honey Nut Cheerios but I thought I'd try Kix. I loved them when I was younger, so while I was looking for the Original Kix, I found these Honey Kix! Can you say YUM!? I knew my kids would love them! So this morning, I put them to the test. Yup, I was right. They ate them so fast, I was dishing out seconds before I could even ask if  "it was good".  I think when I go out again tomorrow, I will stop and pick up another box or two! Be sure to check out for nutrition information and more!

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