The Story Of Three: The Kidos

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Kidos

Christian has been doing great in school, his aid came back on Monday from maternity leave and I thought he might have a hard time adjusting since he hasnt seen her since meet the teacher night in August, but he's been doing really well! Hubby, I and Little Sister had breakfast Wednesday morning at Christian's school with him and we were able to visit with the teacher and watch him interact in the classroom! Less than two weeks and he will be on Thanksgiving Break! I'm so excited!

Caitlin is growing like a weed! She is the cutest thing on this earth and is my shopping buddy! She is always looking for something to get into around the house (because her room full of toys insnt enough lol), she loves playing in the kitchen cabinets. This week I worked on organizing everything, and we have kiddie proof locks on all of the cabinets but I still felt better if I moved all of the chemicals and anything harmful up and out of her reach, so that is what I did :)

It was chilly this morning so they were both bundled up and ready to take Christian off to school-

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