The Story Of Three: Monday!

Monday, November 21, 2011


Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a nice weekend! Are you ready for Thanksgiving? It's just a few days away! I am so glad I dont have the job of cooking a Turkey this year! Our schedule is busy enough this week lol. Be sure to check out the posts from over the weekend to see what was free in my mail box and some great shopping deals!

Also want to wish my cousin Cassie a very Happy Birthday! :)

Day 5 Of Thanks-Counting Down To Thanksgiving

On Day 5 of Thanks, I am Thankful for Doctor's, Hospital's and Insurance. I am Thankful they are there when our children or ourselves get sick. I am Thankful that there are places like Cook Childrens who prioritize in putting children's health first. I am Thankful that companies provide insurance, and that my children have it for when they get sick, routine doctor visits or to refill a medication. I am Thankful to be able to choose the Pediatrician I want my children to see, after all they are a big part of our lives. My big guy was sick over the weekend and I am so Thankful that I was able to take him to get the care he needed, the care he deserved and the medication to help him feel better.

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Cassie said...

Awe thanks Jess! =D