The Story Of Three: Shopping Deal At Old Navy

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shopping Deal At Old Navy

After I printed my 30% off coupon, I ventured out to Old Navy with the kidos. I bought my little guy two pairs of jeans, a pair of work out pants for me and some leggings for the princess! My work out pants were already on clearance and than I used my coupon, so my out the door total was $32.95. My total savings was $22.04! It's not a huge amount, but I will take every penny I can save! I love finding great deals for my family!


Burning Moon said...

Even if its only a little every penny counts! I like using the $10 off a purchase of $10 or more coupons Khols sends out.I am a new follower from the Friendly Fridays & I would love if you can head over & check out my blog as well!

Thank you!

J Schwartz said...

Hello There!
Thank you!
Yes, I've used the Kohl's coupon a few times before as well! :) Thanks for visiting from Friendly Friday!