The Story Of Three: Sick

Saturday, November 19, 2011


My Big Guy is sick :( He had his second set of tubes put in a few months ago, and one of the tubes fell out the other day I guess. Anyways, he has a pretty bad ear infection and I will contact the ENT on Monday but I have a feeling another surgery is in store for us. This will be Christian's third set of tubes, I think we are going to contact another ENT though and try to get a second set of opinions. Care Now fixed him up this morning and hopefully he will rest this weekend and be ready to go Monday. Next week is such a busy week for us, I am hoping and praying for a speedy recovery :) Also today, my suv over heated on the way home-it has never done this before, so Hubby looked at it and it looks like it will be going in the shop Monday morning.

How is everyone else's weekend going? What are you Thankful for as Thanksgiving approaches? Don't forget, once I reach to 50 followers/likes I will host a

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