The Story Of Three: Wednesday Challenge

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Challenge

Are ya ready? I have a Wednesday Challenge for YOU!

I have been trying for a month or two or more maybe lol to get my numbers of followers/likes up on my blog. So today I present this challenge to YOU! I'd like to get 50 Followers on my Blog and 50 Likes on my Facebook Page by Wednesday the 7th. That gives YOU a Week! I will not only have one giveaway but I will host two giveaway's for reaching to those numbers.  I will host a giveaway on here and a giveaway using my Facebook page!

It Must be 50 Followers and 50 Likes (or more of course) to have either Giveaway! I will give more details on the Giveaway's as it gets closer!

So please spread the word!

Happy Wednesday!


Xenia said...

Ooh, fun one! Good luck reaching your goals! :)

J Schwartz said...

Thank You!