The Story Of Three: Well Check Up & More-

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Well Check Up & More-

Caitlin had her one year well check up today and she had to get a  couple of shots :( She was not happy! I gave her some baby tylenol so hopefully she sleeps it off! Caitlin weighs in at 18.5 pounds which is in the 10% area on the charts, but she is healthy and is just petite :) Her next well check up is at 15 months, so she doesnt have to return until Feburary.
Also, I will be checking into her dental insurance soon, I need to make Caitlin, her first dentist appointment! 

We have a pretty busy month ahead, with doctor/dentist appointments, birthday parties to attend,  our Autism Walk is approaching, I am hosting a baby shower and of course Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away! So...that being said-expect lots of pictures and posts (I will try to keep it down to two a day!) :) 

Did you see my post on the Tide Detergent? Wow! :) I treated the kidos to chicken nuggets yesterday and won a $5 Wal-Mart gift card! I was excited lol. 

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Cassie said...

Glad the doctor appointment went well!! November is such a busy month!! =D