The Story Of Three: Work Out Check In

Friday, November 11, 2011

Work Out Check In

So it's day two of Wii workout, I had kickball Tuesday night so I didn't work out than. But I did a variety of workouts last night and even unlocked some new ones! The Wii Fit is pretty cool! There is aerobics, yoga (which is new to me), strength training, balance and more! So after Tuesday nights kickball and Wednesday night's 30 minute mix-up work out, my legs were sore Thursday! Doing all of that and with my wonderfully busy schedule I'm going to try to walk (atleast on nice days) at the local trail/park with Caitlin in her stroller just for a change of scenery.

I have also adjusted my diet a little bit, I purchased The Biggest Loser Shakes today (At Walgreens), I got chocolate of course! Its a meal replacer shake, so once a day I will have one, probably for breakfast or lunch. I love dinner way to much to skip that lol. I will also be going to the store this weekend to look for The Biggest Loser Meals in the cold section.

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